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  1. da1337

    Johnson Leather Jacket

    How long did it take you to get that teacore effect on that Brown CXL HH? Looks beautiful. I'm considering starting an A2 flight jacket project with JL, specifically with that leather.
  2. da1337

    New member, starting up a crazy JL 6oz leather jacket order

    That is indeed one thicc hide, you can tell just looking at that fold on the collar. Also, holy hell that is some beautiful leather... curious to see the fit pics.
  3. da1337

    Who makes a nice wedge white sole boot nowadays?

    I love Grant Stone boots and can attest their quality is superb. I own 4 pairs of their boots, notably none have wedge soles, but people seem to quite like the variants with the wedge sole. https://www.grantstoneshoes.com/collections/boots/products/brass-boot-saddle-tan I own the Diesel boots...
  4. da1337

    New member, starting up a crazy JL 6oz leather jacket order

    That is some beautiful leather for sure. I went to JL recently and didn't see this as an option for a jacket (or atleast i didn't notice it). Did you have this special ordered with them?
  5. da1337

    Teacore leather jackets - post yours here!

    Thinking of getting a custom jacket from Johnson Leathers in CXLHH. This just makes me want it more. What a beauty.

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