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  1. nickgp

    U.S. Authentic (FlightJacket.com) Opinions?

    I have done business with this company since it opened and it's strength lies not only in custom work and fast response but in all aspects of flight jackets-when you talk to them-THEY LISTEN. Nick LaGrega
  2. nickgp

    looking to replace shearling cuffs on a B3ble

    -does anyone know if that is possible-the shearling is getting a little thin
  3. nickgp

    Vintage Leather Jacket forum

    Both Fedora Lounge and Vintage Leather Jackets are awesome sites
  4. nickgp

    Things I wanna know before I kick the bucket!

    My mom used to say women are like cats" and hold up her hands and make a ssss cat sound!
  5. nickgp

    Vintage Leather Jacket forum

    Seek it out it is one of the best sites ever
  6. nickgp

    Vintage Leather Jacket forum

    absolutely the best site for leather flight jackets-not enough people are aware of the diverse and awesome beauty of these jackets- Nick Lagrega
  7. nickgp

    Himel Brothers Leather Co.

    I feel exactly the same way but these guys can obviously do anything probably the best it has ever been done.
  8. nickgp

    G8 or Raider Jacket History

    To the best of my knowledge the G-8 jacket mimics some of the self styled jackets before any military issued jackets-it has a little bit of everything from different military issued coats-Someone in the know once told me that they were a creation of Burt Avedon while at Willis and Geiger. I...
  9. nickgp

    What leather conditioner do you use?

    Apple leather conditioner
  10. nickgp

    US Authentic A-2 Jacket Review!

    US Authentic makes beautiful and accurate jackets I have a G-1 and a russet A-2 that are beautiful and I just received an A-2 vest in Goat-seal brown-an A-2 without sleeves or collar and no waistband to wear under an A-2 or whatever-It is absolutely pristine.i am so happy with it-I have know...
  11. nickgp

    The durability of NOS Crown zip

    I bought 1 and it seemed fine-I had it installed and 2 of the teeth fell off within a yr
  12. nickgp

    G8 (Type 440) Jackets help requested

    US Authentic-I have several of their jackets and the quality is awesome
  13. nickgp

    into flight jackets and the repros

    into flight jackets and the repros

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