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    Aero ANJ4 with D1 length fleece size 38

    Good point. I'm thinking it may be just a half inch to short or just perfect, but I'm willing to take a try in case it works out. Would you take 500 usd? Figuring there's a good chance it may be capture and release on the sizing.
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    Aero ANJ4 with D1 length fleece size 38

    I think the sleeves and shoulders should fit just fine. I saw your original post from when you first got it. Is the back length 24.5 inches? I'm a bit taller at 5, 9 and normally my jackets are about 25-26 in. Might be able to squeeze by with a half inch. The Avi b3 that I'm returning says it's...
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    Aero ANJ-4 Sz 40

    Did this ever get sold?
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    Aero ANJ4 with D1 length fleece size 38

    Do you know what standard is?
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    Aero ANJ4 with D1 length fleece size 38

    Is this their standard 38 or did you have any measurements adjusted?
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    AVI B3 Fit Questions

    So I recently purchased an AVI B3 and it fits very well in length, chest, shoulders and waist but it has one very strange but major fitting issue I have not experienced before. The jacket is extremely tight in the sleeves from the elbow down. Even just trying it on for a few minutes I can feel...

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