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  1. Pdxgeo

    Dubow 27798 A2 help identify maker

    Duh, all I needed to do was look at the underside if the tag. Thanks! I can't believe I found a BR that fits me for $100! It was a great thrifting weekend in Portland. Also copped a really nice Canterbury of NZ rugby for $5 and my wife found the coolest YSL ladies sweater (probably 1980's)...
  2. Pdxgeo

    Dubow 27798 A2 help identify maker

    Hello all, I found this gorgeous jacket at a thrift shop and am trying to identify who made it. I can't find any pics online of any of the known makers using a white size tag so that is my best clue... It fits me very well! Any thoughts? thank you!
  3. Pdxgeo

    Wanted:size 38 B-10 jacket in Khaki

    Looking for a khaki B-10 with brown mouton in a size 38. Brand not critical although Buzz would be great. I saw an eBay seller that had a version called “Bob Dong” or something and that would be fine too.
  4. Pdxgeo

    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    1967 Ford Falcon Econoline and 1974 Lancia Fulvia coupe. Not a ton of speed here but loads of style and smiles everywhere we go.
  5. Pdxgeo

    Nudelman Bros uniform help

    Thanks for that. I would have to guess that it is in fact originally used for the railway light power and is in fact from the 1920s but it remains a mystery
  6. Pdxgeo

    Nudelman Bros uniform help

    There is indeed, here is it
  7. Pdxgeo

    FS:size 38 Custom Aero with “aftermarket” removable sheepskin collar

    Sorry for the delay, OK as I laid it out to take the measurements something came back to me that has always been an issue for me since new...the zipper seems way too flimsy for the weight of the jacket and while wearing is hard to engage. While on the floor proved impossible to engage...this...
  8. Pdxgeo

    FS:size 38 Custom Aero with “aftermarket” removable sheepskin collar

    I did order via Thurston yes.
  9. Pdxgeo

    FS:size 38 Custom Aero with “aftermarket” removable sheepskin collar

    Time to admit my style has changed a bit. I haven’t worn this beauty in quite a while and even though I’m sure I will regret it...I’ll give it a shot. Gorgeous Russet Vincenza hide is just barely broken in. Beautifully crafted with a lot of detail. I had the collar made from a hide I bought...
  10. Pdxgeo

    Nudelman Bros uniform help

    Hello all, I have a bit of a puzzle here. A beautiful wool uniform jacket from the Portland Railway Light and Power company, made by Nudelman Bros. Im trying to verify the age of the piece but cannot find any reference to early Nudelman labels, just a 50’s one and a 60s one. Mine is actually...
  11. Pdxgeo

    Himel Bros Chevalier bis

    Damn Carlos all your jackets fit you like you're the model. That Himel looks badass. Congrats.
  12. Pdxgeo

    Your position on patina

    It also depends on your style and the design, ESPECIALLY a moto style if, like me, you don't ride. A clean hi quality a2 looks pretty conservative compared to my friggin russet bootlegger. I feel self conscious a.f. when i wear it and i cannot wait for if to have patina!
  13. Pdxgeo

    Schott Limited Edition Cafe Racer - Horsehide - Limited run of 50

    I rather like the simplicity that the black hardware provides. Makes me think of the knights watch...
  14. Pdxgeo

    ELMC Horse Hide G-1

    That is a thing of beauty Gav.
  15. Pdxgeo

    Dehen 1920 biker sweaters. Club zip.

    I finally went to Dehens annual sale last fall and picked up an amazing shawl cardigan (prototype, no patch pockets) in my size for $25! It is ridiculously thick and warm for a sweater and def works as a coat in most oregon weather...not these past few weeks however...brrr.
  16. Pdxgeo

    Burned on Ebay

    I would habr it repaired. It is gorgeous and if it fits you enjoy the hell out of it. Perhaps Alan would consider splitting that cost? I wouldn't imagine it being that costly.
  17. Pdxgeo

    Custom russet vincenza bootlegger

    Sorry i meant to say i cant recommend Shaul ENOUGH. He was amazing to work with and the collar fits perfectly and is made beautifully!
  18. Pdxgeo

    Custom Dehen/Settlemeiers Skull sweater project

    Unfortunately this never gained enough interest and was never done.
  19. Pdxgeo

    Custom russet vincenza bootlegger

    I will post measurements soon. I finally had Shaul make the collar and he NAILED what I wanted! I cannot recommend Shaul at flightjacnet.com for custom work. The turn time was absurdly fast (once I finally sent the stuff to him) and he used the buttons Aero built in to the collar as...

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