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  1. Fra Fillipo

    Western, anyone?

    It was 40 degrees here today, we're lucky to see temps above zero this time of year. So we celebrated by driving to town for breakfast. I wore my gold Stetson 4X. It's the most vintage hat I have, 1970s or early 80s.
  2. Fra Fillipo

    Western, anyone?

    I got a coyote a couple years ago. He's saved for the coldest minnesota days...
  3. Fra Fillipo

    Western, anyone?

    I posted this in the "What hat are you wearing today" thread and some kind soul there suggested I post it here. So, after several hours of slavering over the 600 odd pages, here I am. The Mrs and I went out and about this morning and I used the opportunity to show off my new favorite hat. It's a...
  4. Fra Fillipo

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    The Mrs and I were out and about this morning enjoying a snowless day on the frozen tundra. Made even more enjoyable with my new favorite hat. It's a 4X beaver, RCC Western Stores. I was struck by the felt when I took it out of the box, this stands out from even the Stetson and Seratelli 4Xs I...
  5. Fra Fillipo

    What Hat Are You Wearing Today ?

    Beautiful hats, y'all.
  6. Fra Fillipo

    New Member to the Hat Forum

    I've been a fan of hats since I was a kid, never leave the house without one. A couple years ago my wife bought me a nice Serratelli which became my good Sunday go to meeting hat. I soon discovered I needed a brown hat to go with my brown boots and it's gotten completely out of control since...

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