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  1. Mr Vim

    Electro-Swing or: How I Learned to Stop Complaining and Love Modernity

    I am really liking this thread! I actually really enjoy electro swing, especially for running music... It's got the right amount of pep in it. Haha, pep in my step. In all seriousness, I'd like to share how I first came across this music. A local friend runs the only clothing boutique in...
  2. Mr Vim

    1930's Belted Back Double Breasted Windowpane Jacket & Vest Sz 36 - 37

    Can't breath, it's too beautiful!!! *gasp* ... *THUD*
  3. Mr Vim

    42, The Jackie Robinson Biopic.

    Wow, This was not even on my radar until now, but this looks very good. And plus, it has an almost unrecognizable Harrsion Ford! My mom met Jackie Robinson once, said he was a great man. That always stuck with me and I hope to learn more about him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP3G4E2ael8
  4. Mr Vim

    Moments of Doubt...

    Well I'm glad we motivated you a little!
  5. Mr Vim

    Moments of Doubt...

    Thanks Nemesis for sharing your thoughts, and it's good to hear you're happy being back into vintage. Recently I grew out a pencil moustache and I expected nothing but ridicule, but received NONE! I was thunderstruck. My unit has nothing but compliments and locals (IE Alaskans) are very big...
  6. Mr Vim

    Debacle On 34th Street

    Was anyone on the Queen Mary for the Art Deco festival? I was there Thursday before the start, and there was a Macy's convention... those people were the most banal, rude, ridiculous, drunkenly loud people I have seen with the exception of spring break college students. So this is little wonder.
  7. Mr Vim

    Moments of Doubt...

    You know, it is a rare thing that someone has the audacity to make a snide comment to your person, mostly because I think folks really are taken aback by how well dressed we folks are, vintage or not, dressing swell make you feel better about yourself.
  8. Mr Vim

    LAWLESS {Formerly The Wettest County}

    You can send your hat in to most hat shops and they can bind the brim for you with a matching color to the ribbon, or if you like, an offset color! I saw the film last night... it was good. I wanted Gary Oldman's character to be in it more, but that's just the way this movie played out. Guy...
  9. Mr Vim

    Moments of Doubt...

    It's tough isn't it? Then again every once in a while there are the derisive remarks that are simply funny. I was at a movie tonight, Lawless (meh, but that's for later) and some drunkard called out to me "Hey Einstein, what'd you think of the movie." ... Well I had no idea what he meant by...
  10. Mr Vim

    Moments of Doubt...

    I had a moment of doubt today. I was walking back to my house, it was a torrential downpour (which didn't have me feeling particularly cheerful) and I wasn't wearing vintage anything... but a small, nagging voice was in my head. "Why do I wear vintage clothing? No one else does... why do I...
  11. Mr Vim

    "Mad Men" on AMC (US) - (Spoilers Within)

    Re-watching the season five finale, after the scene where Pete is truly honest about himself to Beth (the woman he had an affair with) made me wonder something... could these characters, if they were real, ever fix their social issues and move on with their lives? It seems to me Pete really...
  12. Mr Vim

    Dr. Seuss, Ad Man: the hidden past comes out

    Haha! That's Hitler in the GE hell ad!
  13. Mr Vim

    M Vim's on the radio!

    http://www.krnn.org/wp-content/plugins/ss_audio/player.php?file=http%3A%2F%2Fstream.ktoo.org%3A8000%2Fkrnn&meta=KRNN%7C%7C%7C Hey folks! I've got my official slot, 11Am to 1pm Pacific time on Fridays Here's the link, I'm playing now!
  14. Mr Vim

    New for big Sticky, Montague Burton Catalog scans!

    I don't think I've seen these in the Big Sticky thread, but retronaut has some fantastic scans of the catalogue from 1934! Here they are! http://www.retronaut.co/2012/08/montague-burton-catalogue-1934/
  15. Mr Vim

    M Vim's on the radio!

    Well folks, I was contacted by the station manager today and he offered me a time slot on Friday's from 10 til noon Alaska time, so that's 11 am PDT. I'll be playing all sorts of Jazz classics, and we have tons and tons of original records.
  16. Mr Vim

    M Vim's on the radio!

    http://www.krnn.org/wp-content/plugins/ss_audio/player.php?file=http%3A%2F%2Fstream.ktoo.org%3A8000%2Fkrnn&meta=KRNN%7C%7C%7C Yes folks, I'm on public radio up in Juneau, playing some great old timey jazz... tune in here at this link for the next hour and half to listen!
  17. Mr Vim

    BadAss Digest presents: Your Guide to Drinking this Weekend.

    I stumbled on these articles a few weeks back and only just realized that folks here might want to read them as well. BadAss Digest is a shard of the very great Alamo Drafthouse company based in Austin, Texas and their website does not disappoint. This http://badassdigest.com/author/98...
  18. Mr Vim

    What are you wearing today??

    Technically this was yesterday, but it was for a vintage photo shoot a friend wanted to do for her portfolio.
  19. Mr Vim

    What are you wearing today??

    Tonight by sheer happenstance I was wearing exactly what I am wearing in my avatar photo minus cigar... and I received many compliments... and many nick names: Al Capone, Dick Tracy, The Spirit (my favorite), I can only wish for a time and place that I may be around those who do not mock my...
  20. Mr Vim

    Any writers?

    I have a few stories up at my blog is anyone wants to read them, the link is in my signature.

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