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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Gollygeewilikers, lotza good stuff today! But firstoff, hats off to Lizzie for all this effort she puts into our ERA thread.:) I noticed that the lass Pat has just scared reminds me of Loraine Day. Pat is obviously Sligo, definitely not Cork. Hate to christen a fellow Mick a hick but if the...
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    What Are You Reading

    Peanuts rated top dog comic strip headliner in the Chicago Tribune Sunday edition. Comforting member of the family strip along with Dondi and Terry and The Pirates, Gasoline Alley, Moon Mullins. Didn't deliver the same punch or bite the other strips did, but then again it was different, unique...
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    What was the last TV show you watched?

    Sopranos required considerable effort, but for an hour with a cold beer the series had its moments.
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    Your Most Disturbing Realizations

    Zeus punished Sisyphus for eternity up to the edge of a cliff rolling a boulder, but deciding to pursue higher education; and, if necessary, incurring debt is a personal decision freely chosen.
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    Your Most Disturbing Realizations

    This student loan debt was freely chosen, was it not?
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    The Agents of F.L.A.S.K.

    Forth raises intriguing supposition as regards this particular hominin species. Hominin floresiensis only emerged during the Pleistocene; however, and more likely vanished this late sapiens evolutionary trace. Bereft conjecture, sapiens indigenous native Indonesia variance compared European...
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    What do you do for Living?

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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Methinks Caniff deliberately keeps things a triffle vague, there's a good lad like Yeats, and best better yet, Samuel Beckett; Stephen Hero's dad James spins gossamer shadows cast off votive candles aflicker fiery tongues spake curse to darkness, but Milt keeps his own mind more often than not...
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Col Claire Chennault ordered a brothel established for the American Volunteer Group, demonstrating command initiative since an 'American fighting man will never surrender as long as he has the means to resist.' Of course, lovely Chinese, Burmese, Thai colleens are irresistible. General...
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    Vintage neon signs

    I recall the Roosevelt Hotel neon sign last time in Rockford. :)
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Sky King hit Judas with a Springfield .30-06 round in the left abdominal, probably missing the descended aorta but slicing through the left kidney. Judas spoke to Burma, acknowledged the wound before going into shock. Death from internal hemorrhage, cardiac arrest within three or four minutes...
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    (KNIVES) Let's see some sharp pointy objects

    Nice work, very nice indeed. Back when, it was common to have a Japanese Tanto razored each side, sheath affixed upside down on the TA-50 webbing. No bolt just blade razor but the finest steel. Pick up Hong Kong on R&R. Leave to a buddy or even a Kit Carson ex-Cong. Randy Niners all over...
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    As memory serves Terry is still in Hong Kong. April last seen inside what I believe was Kowloon; or perhaps she never left the island. Caniff, if true to form, will return her to page and hopefully soon. I cannot recall from earlier childhood acquaintance with this fascinating strip how, what...
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    She left that Captain-san all a mess...just like a Kyoto geisha. Wakarimaska Marksama? ;) Caniff is building her entrance, I admire his literary technique and style sense; though I do wish April and Burms would appear sooner than later.:(:(
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    French television broadcast excellent analysis of the financial and petroleum markets last nite. Paris is awake to continental oil and gas realities in wake of past slumber. ----- On a lighter note, and I just cannot stop myself either... Dragon Lady is all abuzz. She gives a great hum dinger...
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    DEATHS ; Notable Passings; The Thread to Pay Last Respects

    " The hand that mocked, and the Heart that fed..." RIP
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Geiseman cannot avail Passion as defense against evident mens rea which element include deliberate intent, malice aforethought, depraved heart indifference; all reflected in actus reus mobile firing positioning, victim track, expended shell retrieve, subsequent concealment, and returning weapon...
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    Today in History

    Belated recognition 15 April 1960 12th Special Forces Group; 1st Special Forces reconstituted US Army. :cool:
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    What's for Dinner?

    Meatloaf made from ground turkey, mashed potatoes, jar/can gravy with corn top my list. Pan fried blackened catfish and not too spicy Cajun, hash browns, sweet potato pie. Pillsbury biscuits. Lancers Portuguese white wine. And cornbread too. What can I say, know I'm a cheapskate date. But if it...
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Considered against Chaing, Mao, Tojo, John Bull, and Uncle Samuel, Dragon Gal has her inside straight. Padraic holds a pair: Normandie and Merilly. His daughter easily ranks Ace of Hearts; and Norms is a Deuce, too much crab apple pie served enroute. And her act is tiresome. Acey-Deucey...