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    Conditioning Leather

    Give it a coat of Picards and return that other stuff.......
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    Fox Creek -A Versatile Riding Jacket

    Not much variation in their leather… always pebbled.
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    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    Holy Crap Terry !! Glad your OK !!
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    Interesting custom Vanson 9D in Japan

    Looks like there’s a bit of Model F in it too ..
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    Notions about fit

    As your leather jacket collection and your experience grows...so now does your wisdom.
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    The wild one moto cap

    Do you have any fit pics ?
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    To alter or not to alter

    Looks Fine....
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    Eastman Star size help!

    Wear and enjoy......
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    2022 - the year of suede?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a suede pullover similar to a Vanson Scout . No pockets , zippers or yokes ….Slim fitting.
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    Nice jacket at a good price

    Totally disagree.....They aren't anywhere close to the quality of Schott or Vanson. Except maybe when Vanson puts out a batch of their crap Comp Weight now and again. Never had any Johnson Leather jackets but their probably no where near them either.
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    Nice jacket at a good price

    Is US Made still in business ?
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    Field Leathers

    I like the Freewheelers more….
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    <<< new Schott >>>

    Everything's wrong with it.....Plus it's too long. A long cross zip is like a long trucker jacket
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    SOLD Levi Leather Black Label Trucker Jacket. Size L

    Thats still a great deal. A bit big for me though…GLWS
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    SOLD Levi Leather Black Label Trucker Jacket. Size L

    How much is that in US Dollars ?
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    Aero Board racer, hand warmer pockets or not?

    Looks good W/O the pockets….
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    Has anybody seen ____ around Lately?

    Cole talked about his House jacket a while back… Has not been here in quite a bit of time ..
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    1970's Bates Moto Jacket Size 42 in near mint condition $225

    Wow .. that’s long. Beautiful jacket . GLWS
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    Vanson Model B (size 42) 400 euros plus shipping -- GORGEOUS Comp Weight

    Beautiful comp weight leather for sure.....GLWS
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    Bourbon Discussion Thread

    Bulleit still the one …