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  1. Juanito

    Counting Your Change...

    A Balboa dime.
  2. Juanito

    Goodwear Roughwear 27752 leather A2 size 46

    Possibly interested. Was this made for you, bought used.from someome, or purchased off the GW sale page?
  3. Juanito

    What else do you collect?

    I used to collect a lot of stuff, magazines, leather jackets, motorcycles, US military boots, tools, literature. In the last three or four years, I have stopped all of that, sold nearly all of it off (aside from the tools), and am acquiring no more. Less is more, I want a little as possible...
  4. Juanito

    The 80s, myth and reality?

    Uh Uh, no. At least not of anything I saw on the West Coast and Arizona. ...maybe in the rust belt or the large east coast cities, at least until the Rodney King riots.
  5. Juanito

    What advice would you give to your younger selves?

    I had a manager whose motto was exactly that. She was one of the most miserable people I have ever met.
  6. Juanito

    WTT: My Eastman 44 Luftwaffe for a Pegasus or Lewis

    Would you be interested in selling outright?
  7. Juanito

    Another Cafe Thread: help me make a decision!

    I think it was 6 weeks,.if I recall correctly.
  8. Juanito

    Another Cafe Thread: help me make a decision!

    If it is actually going to be a riding jacket, just have Vanson make up whatever you want. I have had a couple made for me and they are dead on.
  9. Juanito

    What advice would you give to your younger selves?

    When one of your life long best friends advises you to buy as much Microsoft stock as you can after he finished up his internship in 1989 says so, do. Same for the other friend from grade school that said the same about Amazon in 1995. Take that trip after high school, after college, and after...
  10. Juanito

    FS: Cafe Racer 42/40 Excelled

    These are awesome jackets, someone should snap this up!
  11. Juanito

    Today in History

    While I missed the December 7th and 16th (yesterday) "what happened on this day", in early December, I think of two servicemen from my little town of 150 that were killed in WWII on those two days. Claude Gowey was on the Oklahoma on December 7th. I just ran across an article that his...
  12. Juanito

    FS: Eastman Luftwaffe 44

    Damn...I have been looking for one of those for years, specifically a 44 with the Luftwaffe label. I need to check the classifieds as much as I do on the VLJ site.
  13. Juanito

    Broken-in Lost Worlds a Myth?

    Current photo. Very much an old friend. I just haven't worn the jacket much since about 2005 after I got a real job and stopped wandering around. The thing has literally been around the world. I wear it occassonally, mostly when motorcycle riding.
  14. Juanito

    Broken-in Lost Worlds a Myth?

    Here's mine, new in 1995. Was worn nearly everyday for 10 years.
  15. Juanito

    Unknown Reproduction Heavy Goatskin A-2 Jacket, Size 42--Great Shape

    I will be listing a number of my jackets in an effort to pare down the jacket armoire. This is an odd jacket. I don't know who made it since it is missing the tag, although there is a size 42 tag in the lower part of the liner. The jacket is extremely heavy goatskin, like Lost Worlds heavy...
  16. Juanito

    Where's all this intolerance coming from??

    I don't think it is complicated. Humans are predators and that is the base root. Modern laws and the societies and tenuous civility they create are the unnatural state.
  17. Juanito

    Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct' B-3 Jacket?

    What a coincidence...look what I just ran across stuffed in an old "Fighter Aces of the U.S.A" Book:
  18. Juanito

    Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct' B-3 Jacket?

    No, I no longer have the jacket. It went to James Garcia after a couple of years of ownership in 1993. The thing that make me think it was different were the samples of the new sheepskin I got when I got the russet horsehide A-2 from you about a year later .
  19. Juanito

    Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct' B-3 Jacket?

    Odd...the B-3 I bought in 1990 which I had to wait on since it was one, if not the first to have the horsehide trim, did not have that finish which I though came out shortly after thereafter in 1991-92?
  20. Juanito

    Does Aero make the most `Period-Correct' B-3 Jacket?

    I would agree with this if Eastman is still offering the polyacrylate lacquered finished sheepskin.