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    Vintage lot of Pen nibs $3.00

    I am interested. How much would shipping be to NJ?
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    "Accouterments" Spelling Discussions

    seeing as how we are not in France nor is the board written in French....L'Acadamie really has no bearing on the discussion. Discussion of how different varieties of English spell this -borrowed- word, sure....but how it differs from the actual French word...not germane to any discussion...
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    Threads That Go Astray

    I agree with this......and I don't think most are thinking past the 'ugg that sucks'... But even the insightful thought process of why some of it is bad (if that sort of discussion was occuring), while occaisionally thought provoking, if it surplants talking about actual vintage, why we like...
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    Threads That Go Astray

    I think one of the things that is a main issue,is that taken as a WHOLE, all those "I hate..', 'What I dont have...','people these days are lacking...' threads is that they foster the environment of 'not good enough'....amongst the larger group. Go in and read one, and surely you will find...
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    Vintage washing machines?

    When I lived in the Amazon, and did my clothes washing in the river, I used a washboard and bar-soap (mmm Fels Naptha!) to do all my laundry...and lets just say doing sheets that way...sucks. The 'Easy' would have seemed like a modern marvel!
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    Questions for linguists, semanticists, and copy editors

    ahhh but therein lies the rub. In general, we do not depend on the meaning of the root words to determine the current word's meaning. Take for example edify. If we want to use the root word's historical meaning, then you can't edify a person, only a building or structure. ( So while...
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    Questions for linguists, semanticists, and copy editors

    because English is a completely logical language. Pardon me while I lol lol lol lol lol til my head pops off!
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    Questions for linguists, semanticists, and copy editors

    My explanation last night was simplified. Perhaps if I go into the whole sordid tale this will make more sense. I shall try anyhow...to explain why one can add the co- to conspirator and have it be correct grammatically. In English, prefix construction can happen in two ways. The...
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    Questions for linguists, semanticists, and copy editors

    Small technicality here....but the word conspirators does not contain the prefix co-. It contains the prefix con- . They are related and indeed carry similar meanings, but are still different prefixes. I am being fussy I know...but if the prefix in conspire was co- that would make the...
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    Questions for linguists, semanticists, and copy editors

    exactly! the normal plural of conspirators does not imply that conspirators were involved in the SAME conspiracy. co-conspirators does imply one conspiracy with multiple parties conspiring together.
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    The Good Neighbor Policy; Latin music in the 30's and 40's....

    Exactly..and someone from Spain would not pick hispanic either, but european.... and in the US census, it literally says 'is this person of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin?' http://www.prb.org/Articles/2009/questionnaire.aspx is where it shows exactly the choices.....I highly doubt that...
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    The Good Neighbor Policy; Latin music in the 30's and 40's....

    The census I was speaking of is the US census.... Martin, se você lea mais uma vez o que eu diz lá em cima, no diz que os brasileiros -são- 'hispanic' ou 'latinos'. Ao contrário! A problema é uma relacionada aos categorias nos EUA. Posso perguntar você, se tem que escolher entre apenas...
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    The Good Neighbor Policy; Latin music in the 30's and 40's....

    Brazilians see themselves as a very European ethnicity. So on a census they would not check Latino or Hispanic (and these two are OFTEN clumped together, the 2010 Census gives you the choice of "Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin nor 'not "Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin' ), rather Europoean...
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    The DIY Vintage Repair Before/After Thread

    Heh...well your posting the tutorial here just affirms that the lack of a subforum has not stopped anyone from posting such things ;) past examples include...a tutorial about starching clothing was done, and rightly belongs in 'general attire'....furniture stuff in either 'golden era' or...
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    Pioneers of American Industrial Design

    A lovely new set of US stamps was announced over the holidays and will be out in June. The full scoop is here: http://www.usps.com/communications/newsroom/2010/pr10_125.htm But man...these look super cool and are 'forever' stamps, so one can stock up and never be without.
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    Pretty Feet!

    Also if it's been -years- since you have been over here, it has probably changed a lot. Never best to make sweeping generalizations about places like that. ;)
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    Forum Upgrade -- POST ANY ISSUES HERE

    one possible thing to try......if you are using IE 8... up in the address bar..just to the right of the end of the address is a little icon that looks like a torn sheet of paper....Compatability view... Its worth clicking it and seeing if that fixes some of the issues. It's site specific...
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    Books for housewives/homemakers

    While there are a ton of books that you have to hunt for in used shops...... I favor these two that you can get in reprint. http://www.amazon.com/Decorating-Fun-How-Your-Decorator/dp/0977787516/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1292195991&sr=1-4 This is a book about how to have a good time...
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    Keep Calm and Carry On

    I have a mug with this on it.....and am considering purchasing a yarn bag that says 'keep calm and carry yarn'... Does this mean I am now somehow a hipster?
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    Does 'beauty' always have to refer to women?

    and I agree that this room should not be turned into a uni-sex room topically.... I was only pointing out the rules to say 'if he wants to come in and discuss bob hairdo's on -women- with us...there is no rule against it, as long as good behavior happens' Two different things those...