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    US Navy WEP flight jacket, large 48 XXL, VGC

    i have for sale an experienced WEP flight jacket in size 48. The jacket does show very slight "ghosting" from patches previously applied. Knits, zipper all work great. Originally issued as the top half of a cold weather survival suit, the jacket became very popular with VN era flight crews...
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    Cooper G-1

    Deacon et al: i can't provide a definitive answer to the stencil/stamp question. my answer is that there is probably variation to any hard and fast practice. for example, some of the ANJ-3 supposed hybrid AAC/USN jackets had "US" stenciled on the rear of the collar rather than the standard...
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    Over 50 wearing leather jackets

    agree that the problem with trying to fit into milspec flight jackets is that we often don't have milspec dimensions any more. here's a pic of me wearing a Ralph Edwards G-1 7823B, size 46. very comfortable jacket. age was late 60s and maybe a bit sloppy with the t-shirt out. since i was in the...
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    Rare Pre War M-422 Jacket

    great jacket, great back story, great work. way to go!
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    Houston area leather jacket repair

    yes. they have completely disassembled jackets for me during repair.
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    Houston area leather jacket repair

    in Houston, i have used the asian tailor shop just east of Kirby and Richmond. it is in the same stip mall as Office Depot (to the east). AG Tailor, 5201 Richmond.
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    Where do you fall on the functionality continuum?

    bit of both for me. don't get a chance to wear a G-1 much here on the Gulf Coast, but keep one in my car, just in case.
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    Levis LVC 1930s Menlo leather jacket

    IMHO, don't do it. the jacket is intended to look that way. you risk ruining the jacket and there is little upside to a treatment. i owned the same jacket and appreciated it for what it is.
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    G-1 style jacket on "The Brave"

    last night, i saw one of the characters (the Captain--Adam Dalton, played by Mike Vogel) was wearing a G-1 style leather jacket. my guess is that it is a Cockpit repro. anyone else notice?
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    Washing my G-1?

    i have hand-washed several G-1s in lukewarm water with no ill effects. also, these were air dried. i'm not sure about the washing machine and dryer. end result was that the jackets were cleaner and smelled better.
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    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    regarding the use of nylon in the popular WEP jackets, i assume there were two reasons for the nylon. these jackets were being phased out in the 1960s, so i assume they'd been around a while, maybe before the introduction of nomex. during the 1950s, seems like the USAF was also using lots of...
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    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    another thought: at the time we wore the WEPs, no one (that i know of) ever mentioned the fact that they were not nomex and therefore a risk in flight. not sure when the WEPs were no longer issued but i expect in the mid-late 1960s although i understand they are still worn around the squadron...
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    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    Deac et al: if memory serves the Aero page is at least partially correct. i have seen a few of these issued ANJ jackets for sale and they vary (shocker) even within the ANJ designation--some had epaulettes, some didn't. but all i've seen had a leather collar and a bi-swing back. what i remember...
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    G-1 Jacket without a Fur Collar

    i've done the conversion from mouton to goatskin collar since i live in a tropical climate. results have been mixed. in some cases, the new goat collar looks too small. but YMMV
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    if memory serves, Excelled is another brand name for Orchard Mfg. had a couple of their jackets and they were worthy jackets.
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    Questions about Star Sportswear G-1's

    IMHO, the Star jackets were among the better made of the G-1 series. Stars were made in more than the C series. Prior to the E series, the Star jackets were goat. The E series may have been pressed cow/steer hide. you can see Roger Moore's USN leather jacket website for details.
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    Famous People in Flight Jackets

    Dr. Damage: was the pic of Paul Newman in the G-1 from a movie? great pic!
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    XL, 46 or 48 USN flight jackets (M-422a and G-1 7823 AER) sale on eBay

    Thor: looks great on you! thanks again, bob
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    Negative comments about your jackets from others

    Great discussion here. i traveled internationally for a number of years, mostly to the middle east. i kept a very broken in G-1 Edwards B model that fit well. it was very easily wadded up and wedged into the overhead baggage compartment. got a lot of smiles from flight crews while boarding or...
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    Flight Apparel Industries G1 - Opinions?

    Agree, the FAI not top-end repros but rather like the issued G-1s. i have a couple of buddies who bought GAI G-1s on the Marine Corps Base at Cherry Point, NC. they are great, wearable jackets. go for it!