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  1. alanfgag


    Our younger daughter came home for a bit to shelter in place with her parents. She found this photo from 2018 on her phone which had us both rolling on the floor laughing. I thought I’d share it in a new thread reserved for those FL photos that might otherwise have remained on the cutting room...
  2. alanfgag

    Early Stetson Stratoliner with original pin

    Here is a little old gem - an early edition Stetson Stratoliner c.1942-3 size 7 1/8. Original issue TWA pin is included. Hat is in very good condition. The rear sweatband seam was open and the size tag not present when I purchased it. I restitched the seam closed by hand. The lightweight felt...
  3. alanfgag

    Antique 8 panel wool plaid cap

    This is a beautiful antique lightweight 8 panel wool plaid cap in a good size (full 7 1/8) and in very fine condition. New Zealand calf sweatband is supple. There is a small hole at the back edge of the liner and a few small, shallow nibbles in the wool that are insignificant and almost...
  4. alanfgag

    One Day Hat Sale

    Four Black beautiful hats that are a little too large from me. 1930s - 1950s. I've kept all of them for many years but perhaps they will see more daylight in another Lounge member's collection? All prices include shipping in the continental U.S. details below.
  5. alanfgag

    Oviatt's Model fedora size 7 1/4

    Those of you stopping by to look don't need to be told what a rare and special find this is. Oviatt's Model fedora manufactured in Italy by Borsalino. 2 1/4" brim with felted edge. Crown stands 4 1/2"+ as creased. Beautiful condition inside and out. Head opening measures 8 x 6 1/2" - too...
  6. alanfgag

    Supernatural Montecristi size 7 1/2

    Elias Israel was selling straw hats in NYC in 1902, perhaps earlier. He registered the trademark "Supernatural" in 1921. They were a steady source for some of the nicest Montecristi, milan and leghorn woven hats during the first half of the 20th century. This example is no exception - a quality...
  7. alanfgag

    An interesting collection of deadstock 1930s-40s hats

    A stash that is reminiscent of the Johnny Phi treasure trove from years back... being shared (sloooooowly) and sold through this Facebook group. I have no connection with the seller, just sharing the word for those that might have interest.
  8. alanfgag

    Mid-Century Supernatural Panama 7 1/8

    Some of the nicest straw hats of the 30s, 40s and 50s were sold through the Ecuadorian Panama Hat Company under the trademark "Supernatural." I've owned several. This one is slightly too large for me so it is offered for sale. It is fine and evenly woven - condition is near mint. The puggaree...
  9. alanfgag

    Stetson 7X Clear Beaver thin ribbon

    Open Road dimensions but not marked as an Open Road. This hat was renovated by Shudde Bros. at some point during its early life explaining the taped rear sweatband seam and the missing manufacturing tags. It measures to a comfortable size 7 with head opening dimensions of 7 3/4 x 6 5/16". It...
  10. alanfgag

    Stetson 7X Clear Beaver western

    Hi all, I've owned this hat for many years but rarely wear it. It is a generous 7 1/8 (6 3/8 x 7 7/8") and a little large for my head. The photos show the hat well. It was a fifty dollar hat that reflects Stetson's highest quality of manufacture in the post war era. The crown as creased is 5"...
  11. alanfgag

    Two Antique Montecrisiti Straws

    Two old Montecristi straws, both sold in Peoria, IL in the 1920s - early 1930s. Dimensions are very similar, 4" traditional (optimo) crown, brim just a little larger than 2 1/4". Both show patina from age but are in very good vintage condition. The sweatbands remain supple and wearable. The...
  12. alanfgag

    Original 1940s Stetson Stratoliner Pin

    Have a vintage Stratoliner but missing the original pin? I have an extra. Excellent vintage condition with everything needed to adorn your vintage hat... except for an explanation why Stetson sold the Stratoliner with a DC3 pin... you have to search the forum for that discussion! 8^) $40...
  13. alanfgag

    Borsalino Continental homburg size 7 3/8

    Condition is 98% of new. Size 7 3/8. I measure the head opening at 8" x 6 3/4". $110. includes shipping in the continental U.S.
  14. alanfgag

    When replying with quote

    A suggestion that comes up frequently but worth repeating... When replying with quote to a recent post with many photos, please do not repeat post all the photos. It takes up much space and causes threads to load more slowly. Best way to avoid this is to edit the quoted post to remove the...
  15. alanfgag

    Stetson Real Nutria Fur antique western hat - 1920s

    In a brief moment of insanity and in celebration of Stetson's sesquicentennial, I'd like to offer this long hair nutria from my collection of antique Stetson western hats. It's a generous size 7 1/8 and a little too large for me to wear. Head opening measures 6 7/16 x 7 7/8". 7" crown, 4" brim...
  16. alanfgag

    Fedora Lounge Malware

    Hello all, I know that the Admins have been alerted previously - just another heads up that the malware issue many have experienced in recent days has not been resolved, or it has reoccured. What I am experiencing is the browser being rerouted to other sites or pop-up ads. It's happening...
  17. alanfgag

    Stories That Hats Tell

    Some hats can speak... what stories have you heard? This old top hat had a story stored inside. The oilcloth sweatband was separated from the reed in a small area. Behind the sweat was a pad made from newspaper. As with felt, a small amount of steam brought the paper...
  18. alanfgag

    A Few Little Luxuries

    Looking to make some room in my wardrobe by sharing some things that no longer fit me. All the items below are 1980s era. I've tried to price them at 20% of original cost, or thereabouts. Payments via Paypal... freight is included for shipments within the U.S. Happy to send overseas with the...
  19. alanfgag

    Bows take a bow

    In the spirit of drawing new inspiration from old, please share your favorite iconic ribbon bows here. They are beautiful to admire and might be a resource for those working on a custom project. I'll open up with a few of mine: Stetson The Avenue Dunlap A couple of early 1900s westerns...
  20. alanfgag

    Sterling Navajo hat band

    Nice silver thin ribbon.