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  1. Logician

    15 yr review - Lost Worlds horsehide courier bag

    I have two LW horsehide courier bags, one in black and one in brown. They are about 10 years old and still brand new. Really I have never used them. Believe it or not Stuart made me a price on the purchase of two! The stitching on the sides are a little crooked. Perhaps because the leather is...
  2. Logician

    LOST WORLDS Russet Brown Horsehide Leather - questions, images, and experience

    A 4.0 + oz BK HH custom Leathertogs A with all the bells and whistles. But if you tell my wife, I will deny it tooth and nail.;)
  3. Logician

    LOST WORLDS Russet Brown Horsehide Leather - questions, images, and experience

    Not much. Perhaps an average of 6-12 times a year. I take good care of my leather jackets and coats. My 2 new (5 year old) HH Test (Bk and Br) I never wore; my 3 HH Suburban (Bk, Br and Green) I almost never wear. And I also have a new Courier Pea coat in Bk Goat which I only wore once or twice...
  4. Logician

    LOST WORLDS Russet Brown Horsehide Leather - questions, images, and experience

    Hi Cornelius. Here a two pictures of an old (15-20 year or more?) 4.0 oz + HH LW Russet Brown 42R Suburban with a shearling lining. It is quite heavy and after all these years it is still not fully break in. Actually the break in of a 4.0 oz LW HH is an unended quest. If you add the shearling...
  5. Logician

    Lost worlds Horsehide trench coat

    I have a BK LW COURIER PEA COAT made of Goatskin. My first goat ever (except for a second hand seal brown A2 that I never wear). Anyway, I suggest Goatskin or Deerskin for your Trenchcoat rather than HH because it drapes better. However it might be difficult to find such large pieces needed for...
  6. Logician

    FS: Freewheelers BRAKEMAN Shinki Horsehide Leather Jacket sz 42 Black

    If you change your mind and are willing to ship to Canada, I might be interested. I would not buy through Ebay's Global Shipping though. An extraordinary jacket!
  7. Logician

    My Himel Experience (v2)

  8. Logician

    My Himel Experience (v2)

    For years now I wanted to get myself an Himel. But this thread sure made me pause. I am shocked that such a jacket---if we can call it that--- could leave Himel's workshop and receive its seal of approval. You can get a better made jacket at the corner store! It seems to me that Dave Himel owes...
  9. Logician

    Wouldn't it be a shame if this thread gets locked/removed too?

    Same for me. I viewed jeo's thread on Himel's horrible stitching the other night. What I saw was truly chocking. The following day I wanted to read what other TFL members had to say about it, but the thread had disappear. This is unacceptable. I won't be back on this forum until it is reinstated.
  10. Logician

    Dave Himel interview by Carl Murawski

    After COVID-19, I plan to go to Toronto and visit Himel to order a custom-made jacket. I will have my measurements taken, choose the leather, the model, the options, etc. I live in Montreal so I can make the round trip in 1 day. I've had this project in mind for a long time, but there are...
  11. Logician

    Lost Worlds Peacoat in red deerskin

  12. Logician

    Explaining the Aero Fit.

    All these complications about measurements is what prevents me from buying an Aero. But also jackets from other brands. Perhaps my leather jackets acumen is below par. I am not an expert in measurements specific to particular designs and eras. That's why I come to this forum to benefit from the...
  13. Logician

    How many new jackets do you have coming (and how many potential ones)?

    FYI Canada and Britain have signed an interim trade deal (i.e., The Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement or Canada-UK TCA) that has taken effect on Jan. 1, 2021, the day the U.K. have cut its final ties to the European Union. I have since made purchases (jumpers) in the UK and the...
  14. Logician

    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    I have a second hand jacket that looks just like this one in CXL HH with green wool tartan lining that I paid only $25 Canadian because the pockets are perforated. Here are two old photos. I have since treated the jacket with Leatherique, which darkened the jacket quite a bit. Yours is beautiful.
  15. Logician

    Need your advice on health concerns regarding chrome tanned leather.

    IMO it's young children working 12-15 hour shifts in Bangladesh's and India's toxic chromium tanneries, earning just a few dollars a month, and often falling ill due to the harmful chemicals, we should worry about! It is our social responsibility to sourced our chrome-tanned leathers from...
  16. Logician

    Kelso or Himel Wait Times, Lost Worlds Tanning

    My BK HH Test (3 years old, never worn) is somewhat grainy compared to my 2 older HH Suburban (12-15 years old). LW HH used to be kind of plastic-like, not any more. Stuart is now proudly advertising on his website: "American Horsehide Grain -- Undoctored, Natural!" Personally, I like grainy...
  17. Logician

    Photos of cool jackets owned by others (non-brand specific)

    Bruce the Boss Springsteen