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    WTS: Steve McColgan A2 and ATF Fleece Lined Tanker

    Hello DB....If still available, I'll take the A-2. Please PM the details. Thanks!
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    Vanson Enfield Leather Jacket Size 44 Brown

    Thanks Sockeye.....I"m financially tapped out now.
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    Vanson Enfield Leather Jacket Size 44 Brown

    Hi Desert Rider......I'd like to buy your Enfield if still available. Thanks......coffee
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    new Aeros arrived..

    Good job Peter.......glad everything worked out OK. Regards, coffee
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    New aero 1920's halfbelt pre production arrived!

    Joakim.........gorgeous jacket man. It looks great on you. Thanks for sharing your joy. Regards, coffee
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    Urgent A2 question: how much length should I add?

    Here that Frank? You gotta be next man! coffee
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    Johnson Leather "Japan" leather

    My kind of jacket Peacoat............the heavier and beefier, the better. Doesn't Seb Lucas like 'em that way also?
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    uk customs & vat charges

    I concur Capesofwrath........I like how you think. However Aero and Eastman disagree. Regards, coffee
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    Horween USA and Aero Leather Joint Statement

    We're pulling for you Frank. I really hope your replacement is everything it should be. Keep the faith! Regards, coffee
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    uk customs & vat charges

    The last Aero jacket I bought was delivered to my house by a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier. She said I have to pay $60 plus dollars Customs fees to get the package. I asked her why I am paying the Postal Service the money, why not Customs direct. She replied the Postal Service is the "agent"...
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    Show Your Patina

    +1 ! coffee
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    A-10 gloves

    Geez Lear.......that's terrific! Super looking gloves. She must have been a real looker to get distracted like that. Glad it turned out well for you. Regards, coffee
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    leather jacket porn for fetishists and zealots

    That's good news about AL doing the cord hem....I stand corrected. And yes schitzo, I agree the lining on your Roadster appears to be snug fitting to the leather. The before and after pics of your beautiful HB that you submitted are testimony to the pleasing aesthetics as a result of the cord...
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    leather jacket porn for fetishists and zealots

    I can't understand why Aero, and from the looks of it, Alexander Leathers as well would have a problem with the cord or leather strip at the bottom. If one examines leather jackets from other iconic manufacturers such as Lewis Leathers, Schott, Johnson Leathers, Langlitz, Vanson and Fox Creek...
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    Nice old Luftwaffe jacket

    Great outfit Edward........you certainly look the business! Regards, coffee
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    My new aero half belt arrived!!

    Hello bicktrav; Bitchin' jacket man. Looks great on you. Boots appear to be Wolverine 1000 mile Addison, correct? They look terrific....good match with your new jacket. Welcome to the Lounge. Regards, coffee
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    The New Alexander .... next the Long Rider (warning picture heavy)

    Plumbline.........gorgeous jacket. You done real good on both scores. Wear them in good health. Regards, coffee
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    The New Alexander .... 1st the Detroit (warning picture heavy)

    Outstanding looking and fitting jacket PL! coffee
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    My Cheyenne

    Looking good as usual Nick. I'll take Sloan's statement a step further...........you could pass for Clooney's younger brother. Regards, coffee
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    My First Aero!! (Insurrection aero 1930s Halfbelt - Brown FQHH size 42) PIC Heavy

    Radz..........super looking jacket. Great fit! Wear it in good health. Regards, coffee

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