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  1. Dr H

    WTB NIGEL CABOURN Dr Edward Atkinson Surgeon Jacket - Harris Tweed (size Large/4)

    No longer needed - I managed to track one down.
  2. Dr H

    Surgeon’s Jacket (Tweed) by Nigel Cabourn

    Resurrecting a very old thread, but single-/bloody-minded persistence has paid off and a beautiful example of this jacket in the largest size has turned up. The brown tweed Akinson's jacket is my favourite pattern and weight, but the size 3 (equivalent to a 40"-42") has always been very snug...
  3. Dr H

    WTB: Freewheelers size 42 or 44

    I have an older Brakeman (44) in Sleeper Brown that I might be tempted to sell.
  4. Dr H

    AeroMarine featured on "The Dig" movie

    It was filmed at Norney Grange (designed 1897-8 by CFA Voysey for Reverend Grane). We used to rent one of the gate lodges for a couple of years.
  5. Dr H

    Real McCoys Oklahoma

    That looks great, far better than the Menlo. Deerskin is practically my favourite hide now.
  6. Dr H

    Post Brexit import experiences

    Bartender Edit: Feelings run high on this issue, but, folks, please remember that the Lounge operates a strict "no politics" rule, which will be evenly maintained on this issue as well. This thread has been permitted to go ahead on the basis that it sticks to providing information as it comes...
  7. Dr H

    Attire during lockdown

    I wear my Old Town wardrobe that I'd normally use for work (cotton twill overhead shirts and twill, corduroy, or moleskin trousers; jumpers or sleeveless tank tops). Practical and comfortable.
  8. Dr H

    New jacket! The Real McCoy A-1

    That’s true. It’s certainly a softer, more compliant hide.
  9. Dr H

    New jacket! The Real McCoy A-1

    I’d suggest that you take it out of the classifieds, keep it and have the comparatively cheap remedial fix to shorten the sleeves. I have slightly shorter arms and I have to do this often with Japanese jackets (the makers e.g. FW and RM equate a larger size 42/44 with tall/long armed when...
  10. Dr H

    1930's Wool Cycling Jacket by Barbour of England.

    Ah, thank you, I missed the date of the OP.
  11. Dr H

    1930's Wool Cycling Jacket by Barbour of England.

    Hi Paddy Could you confirm the dimensions of the pit to pit, back length, and sleeves please? Thank you, lovely jacket.
  12. Dr H

    New jacket! The Real McCoy A-1

    Very nice example of the A-1.
  13. Dr H

    Tradeoffs - Himel Bros vs. Freewheelers?

    Here is my Freewheelers Brakeman in Sleeper Brown Shinki horsehide. Fading well, I think.
  14. Dr H

    Tradeoffs - Himel Bros vs. Freewheelers?

    This is the Freewheelers Jet Black Shinki deerskin, which is one of the best hides that I have owned. Great depth of colour and a subtle fade with wear.
  15. Dr H

    Looking for a Freewheelers Brakeman in brown size 42

    Send me a PM Paul, I have one that might fit the bill.
  16. Dr H

    WTS/Trade Vintage Real McCoy Type D-1 Jacket

    The port of Dover is a very large, static lorry park where the bulk of our food, meds, and essential supplies enter the U.K. (see also Farage Garage).
  17. Dr H

    WTS/Trade Vintage Real McCoy Type D-1 Jacket

    Hope it’s not coming via Dover...
  18. Dr H

    WTB USN peacoat size 46 or 44 or Buzz or McCoy's

    And predictably I recently sold my RRL in a 46...
  19. Dr H

    Help to Date a Scovill Zip

    Can anybody confirm whether this Scovill zipper (on a Spiewak Excalibur civilian ‘N-1’ deck jacket) is from the 1940s or 1950s please? Thank you.
  20. Dr H

    Let's talk about Deck Jackets (my grail has landed)

    Incidentally, am I correct about the Scovill zip, or is it later?

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