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  1. The Wolf

    ruined 1940s uniform

    That's a good idea, Matt. I don't have any papers or dog tags but I like the idea of framing the patches in honor. Sincerely, The Wolf
  2. The Wolf

    ruined 1940s uniform

    I might just save the chevrons and patches. Would anyone want swatches from the jacket or shirt? Or more photos? Sincerely, The Wolf
  3. The Wolf

    ruined 1940s uniform

    Thanks for the thoughts. Actually the jacket and shirt wouldn't fit me anyway as my my father was always a very thin man. I was going to see about selling so it could get a proper home but was sick when I saw the condition it was in. Sincerely, The Wolf
  4. The Wolf

    ruined 1940s uniform

    I opened a box from storage that held my father's uniform and the jacket is in awful shape and the shirt looked okay until I held it up to see moth holes.:eusa_doh: The Wolf
  5. The Wolf

    New Radio Drama

    Nice job. Thanks for the clips. Did the see the filmed version with Billy Zane? Sincerely, The Wolf
  6. The Wolf

    They're gone.....

    That is very kind of you to offer. Sincerely, The Wolf
  7. The Wolf

    Noir skyline drawing

    Nice work indeed. I would love to see a Hopperesque work from you. Sincerely, The Wolf
  8. The Wolf

    Vintage or Modern Radio Drama Recommendations?

    There really was a variety in realism on radio shows. This included explaining for the listener. Some radio shows were subtle and used sound effects to fill in the mental picture. Some shows would have dialogue like "I'll just climb in this window, there the window is open. I got one leg in. Now...
  9. The Wolf

    Would you want a remake of something you like to fix mistakes?

    Stanley Doble, I'm not sure if you are saying if someone watches The Way We Were they should just enjoy the movie and not worry about hairstyles etc. that are the wrong period or people should watch the original serials instead of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Either way it doesn't answer the...
  10. The Wolf

    Would you want a remake of something you like to fix mistakes?

    Period films tend to have some anachronisms. Many have been pointed out on this forum. Sometimes we'll let it slip by like Indiana Jones' bag from 1941 that he carried in the 1930s. I loved "Tales of the Gold Monkey" when it was on tv but I wouldn't mind a remake. Were they to do it, Jake's...
  11. The Wolf

    Books about WW2 from a German perspective

    "City of Women" by David R. Gilliam is an interesting read from a female civilian's point of view. Sincerely, Der Wulf
  12. The Wolf

    Doc Savage

    The Arizona Doc Savage convention is this week-end. I'll be there. Anyone else? Sincerely, The Wolf
  13. The Wolf

    John Lennon leather

    It looks like Paul wearing John's glasses. Sincerely, The Wolf
  14. The Wolf

    New Bonnie and Clyde mini series on the History Channel

    They still make the guy's pants too low and the lady's skirts too high.lol I'm still curious to watch this though. Sincerely, The Wolf
  15. The Wolf

    comedy one-reelers of the golden age

    Has it been a week already? I'm going to talk briefly about the Pete Smith Specialties. Pete Smith produced and narrated quite a variety of shorts from the 1930s to 1950s from "Seeing Hands" (about how the handicapped can be useful in industry) , "Let's Dance" (a short which showcases a variety...
  16. The Wolf

    Lounge software upgrade

    Thank you, Mr. Flowers for all the work you've done. It sounds like it was a headache. We don't realize how smoothly the site usually runs until there is a glitch. Sincerely, The Wolf
  17. The Wolf

    comedy one-reelers of the golden age

    Benchley played that essentially that role in Disney's The Reluctant Dragon. That is one I'd like to see released on DVD. BTW, I forgot that By the Light of the Silvery Moon has two "So You Want To..." shorts on it. The second is "So You Want a Television Set" Sincerely, The Wolf
  18. The Wolf

    comedy one-reelers of the golden age

    Here's a list of the Joe McDoakes ("Behind the Eight Ball", "So You Want To... series", etc.) shorts that Warner Brothers has put bonus features on DVDs. Though probably not complete. The first one "So You Want to Quit Smoking" from 1942 is on the All Through the Night DVD. "S.Y.W.t. Be on...
  19. The Wolf

    Retro Future

    Well, I've loved everything you've done so far. Now that you've been dropping these tantalizing peeks at the project I believe we are all waiting with baited breath. Sincerely, The Wolf

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