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  1. roadking04

    Vanson Z150 vs. X150

    I am starting to think about a summer riding jacket. I am looking at the z150 and the x150. Anyone have experiences with these leathers? Any differences in weight, feel, grain? I was wondering if anyone knows how they will age or break in. I have seen very few pics of the Z. It appears to be...
  2. roadking04

    Sleeve Zipper Placement

    Hi Guys. I am looking at getting a new m/c jacket. I was thinking about the sleeve zipper placement. Most jackets put the zipper on the "bottom/back", I have seen a few jackets with the zipper on the "top/front". My Vanson hardcore highwayman has the zippers on top/front of the sleeve. That...
  3. roadking04

    Question about belt loops

    Hi guys. It's almost time to submit my jacket order into Langlitz. I can't seem to decide on the belt loops. I definitely like the looks of the belt loops on the Columbia jacket. I would get the belt if I get the jacket with loops. I would only use the belt for longer rides, most of the time no...
  4. roadking04

    Actual weight of a leather jacket

    Hi guys. I recently bought a "fish" scale off Amazon just for weighing my jackets. I picked it up for $14, they had some cheaper and few that cost more.
  5. roadking04

    How to post pics

    Hi guys. just a quick question on how to post pics. I have the pics downloaded to my computer. When I go to "upload a file" I get an error that says image is to big. I have been trying to search history, but am having no luck. Thanks.
  6. roadking04

    Schott 618hh. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Hi guys. I am looking for advice, opinions, and info on the Schott 618hh. I checked some of the previous threads and gained some information. I had a problem viewing the pics in previous threads (something about a third party). Some of my findings and opinions: The Good: An American classic...
  7. roadking04

    Johnson Leather "Japan" leather

    Hi Guys. I am curious about the so called Japan leather that Johnson leathers carries. It is the one with brown underlay that is sprayed with black. Does it look black in the sunlight or can you see a hint of brown? Does brown begin to show through in high wear areas? I am curious what patina...
  8. roadking04

    Thoughts on Gibson and Barnes coronado motorcycle jacket

    Hi guys. I came across this mc jacket and was wondering if anyone has one. They appear VERY similiar to the Langlitz, but a few hundred cheaper. They use a very heavy hide (4 1/4 oz). I was wondering how there customer service was also. I wish i knew how to add a link, it is in thier leather...
  9. roadking04


    Hi everyone, just collecting thoughts and comment about linings. I am looking for one that is durable, warm, and easy to wear. Trying to get an idea of the different linings to chose from. Any info will be very helpful.
  10. roadking04

    "motorcycle jacket"

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I stubled upon the lounge when I was looking for a new riding leather. After reading a few post I got sucked in and became a lurker, and now I finally am a member. Everyone seems very helpful so I am hoping you guys can help me out. I am looking for a new...

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