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  1. Marty M.

    Suggestions for movies.

    Hi Loungers, I have a Haberdashery in Minneapolis. In our shop we show old movies ('30s-'60s) on our flat screen TV (see picture below). We do mute the sound and play music (Big Band, TV Theme songs and Rat Pack). I need suggestions on older classic movies that have a winter theme to them to...
  2. Marty M.


    Hi fellow Loungers, It's been a while since I last posted some pictures of our shop. I do hope that you'll like these. Many thanks. Marty [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  3. Marty M.

    Fall Haberdasher's Displays.

    Hey Fellow Loungers, It's been a while since I've posted some of our stores displays. We just set the Fall displays the other day. I'm changing the windows to fall very soon. Posted below are a few of the displays, along with a link to view more. Thanks for viewing. Marty...
  4. Marty M.

    Fall '08 Window Displays.

    Hi Fellow Loungers, Here are a few pics from our Fall '08 Window Displays. For some reason the pictures came out kind of "squatie" looking. Oh well, blame it on me and a camera not liking each other. Thanks for viewing. Marty Mathis Oops. I'm not liking what I see with that...
  5. Marty M.

    Christmas Window Displays.

    Hello fellow Loungers, It's been a while since I've posted some pictures of our window displays from our shop up here in tropical Minneapolis. I'm feeling a little rusty at it. Here are some pictures of our Christmas Window Displays. Thanks for viewing. Marty Mathis
  6. Marty M.

    Spring Interior Displays.

    Hello Loungers, We had a good response to our earlier "Window Display" posting. I thought that I would share the other part of our displays, that would be the interior displays. I hope that you enjoy these. Thanks for viewing. Marty Mathis
  7. Marty M.

    New Allen Edmond Styles.

    Hello Loungers, Here are some new and newer styles from Allen Edmonds. Enjoy. Marty Mathis Jackson, Tan Grain Calf Soho, Black Calf Soho, Cognac Calf Berkeley, Saddle Brown Calf Jackson, Black Grain Calf Jackson, Dark Brown Grain Calf
  8. Marty M.

    Happy Easter.

    A Happy and Glorious Easter to everyone. Marty Mathis
  9. Marty M.

    Fall '07 Trunk Show.

    Every year we have our annual Fall Trunk show. This is a monster event for us. We hold this towards the end of September. It's a great two day preview for our customers to see what we'll be offering for the upcoming fall season. At this event we bring in a few of our vendors to help us work with...
  10. Marty M.

    Marty's Clothing Combinations.

    Hi Loungers, We get a lot of comments from people that visit our store about our clothing combinations that we put together for our customers. We specialize in an "Update Traditional" look. We love to take traditional garments and add a splash of color to make the whole look "Pop" without being...
  11. Marty M.

    Happy Valentines Day.

    A very Healthy and Happy Valentines Day wish to everyone. And a special Valentines Wish to all of the Ladies of the Fedora Lounge. Marty Mathis
  12. Marty M.

    Charters and Caldicott.

    Hi Loungers, Does anyone remember an older BBC mini series called "Charters and Caldicott"? I beleve they were produced in the mid "80's. The characters were a spin off of the 1938 Hitchcock film "The Lady Vanishes". There must have been around six episodes made for the mini series. I remember...
  13. Marty M.

    Christmas Interior displays.

    I love this time of year. It's a real blast being a Men's Haberdasher in December. I have a lot of fun merchandising and doing displays. Here are some of our Christmas interior displays. I do hope that you enjoy. Thanks. Marty Mathis [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  14. Marty M.

    Borsalino Nation...

    Hi Fellow Loungers, I just received some new Borsalino products. I didn't know that they had Neckwear and Scarves. Kinda over done. But, kinda fun. Enjoy. Marty Mathis [/IMG] Wool Knit Scarves [/IMG] Wool Scarve and Dummy [/IMG] Silk and Wool Scarves [/IMG] Silk Ties and...
  15. Marty M.

    In Store Displays.

    Here's a few pictures of the in store displays. I hope that you enjoy. Marty Mathis
  16. Marty M.

    The Gentlemen Gardener display.

    Hi fellow Loungers, Here's are small tribute to the Gentlemen Gardeners out there. It's a quick window display featuring old gardening tools and potting soil (I'm not looking forward to cleaning it up). I couldn't get the lighting in the pictures correct. I'm a very wet beginner when it comes to...
  17. Marty M.

    Sneek Peek at A & E shoes for my FL Friends.

    Here's a sneek peek at a few new styles of Allen Edmond shoes for fall. Not all stores will carry this new line from Allen Edmond. These are the new style that we bought today for a September delivery (hopefully). Enjoy. Marty Mathis
  18. Marty M.

    A Cuff Link Tribute to the Art of the Pin-Up.

    I've had a few request to post pictures of our Pin-up Girl Cuff Links. I'm posting two styles. First is the color cuff links. Second is the black and white links. The black and white links actually move and are animated when you move your wrist around. For instance, the pole dancer link actually...
  19. Marty M.

    Happy Fathers Day

    Hello fellow Fedora Lounge Fathers. I think that all of you would agree that the biggest joy in life isn't the materalistic items that we can buy and wear. It isn't the bargin deal that we got on a Ebay purchase or while sifting through aisle upon aisle at an Antique store. Nah, the biggest...
  20. Marty M.

    Classic Style Issue #3

    Wow, this magazine just keeps getting better. The Articles, the Fashions and the Layout are top notched. There hasn't been a lifestyle magazine like this since "M The Civilized Man". It's refreshing to pick up a well done magazine and not be bombarded with ad's by big Corporations. The only...