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  1. Ernest P Shackleton

    sporting jacket pockets

    As a project, I'm going to put Frankenstein a sporting jacket with elements from various spectra; militaria, Victorian sporting jackets, and so on. Before I start, I'd like to deep dive into research, but I'm not aware of the names of certain elements (or if these components even have...
  2. Ernest P Shackleton

    what do you call ski sweaters without cuffs?

    As the title asks, is there a dedicated name for sweaters that don't have any cuffs? The knit stays exactly the same throughout the sleeves and body. No accents or stylizing at the wrists or waist. I do remember them having a different knit for the collar. I remember seeing sweaters at ski...
  3. Ernest P Shackleton

    [WTB] Barbour anorak

    Every once in a while, I have to give this a shot. I'm looking for a Longshoreman in a small or medium. If you happen to have one to sell, please private message me. Thank you.
  4. Ernest P Shackleton

    baseball gloves

    At this point in my life, I would consider this part of "fun at the beach", aka fun at the park. A little catch here and there. Not often enough, that's for sure. There's nothing else like the sound of a hardball hitting the pocket of a baseball glove. I find the whole simple, common process...
  5. Ernest P Shackleton

    WTB: Gillette Red Tip, Fat Boy, or Slim adjustable safety razor

    I'm looking for a Gillette red tip safety razor, Slim, or a Gillette Fat Boy adjustable safety razor. Not necessary for it to be in gleaming, newish condition. I'd prefer it to be in fully functioning condition, though. If you have one to sell, please message me. Thanks.
  6. Ernest P Shackleton

    FS: vintage handmade Italian Pivetta hiking/casual work boots

    $60 + shipping. PayPal only. PM me. It's easier for me than email. brand: Pivetta model: Ventana size: N10.5 (narrow) **read below outside width of sole: 4inches (at the widest point) outside length of sole: 12.5inches inside length: 11 5/8inches weight: 899grams per boot...
  7. Ernest P Shackleton

    WTB: Barbour Longshoreman small or medium

    I'm not looking for a mint, pristine condition jacket here. I'm perfectly fine with some wear. I'm not a collector. It will be lovingly used and abused. Please PM me if you have a jacket, or a lead on a jacket somewhere in your usual haunts. Thank you.
  8. Ernest P Shackleton

    Woolrich blends, fabrics, and dating

    Sorry for not posting this in one of the existing Woolrich threads, but they are not open to new posts. 1) When did Woolrich begin using the 85% wool/15% nylon blend? Was it an industry-wide adjustment at the time? Just a way to cut costs? 2) I have an old hunting shirt I've worn a...