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  1. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    Bowtie may have a bit of a problem posting photos, but the Optimo I bought from him was fantastic. His description was spot on, and his communication during the process was very good. He does need to open a new thread for the Resistol, but you can expect it to be everything he says it will be.
  2. elveston

    Mustangman 7 3/8 fedora blowout! VS, Penman and more!

    PM (conversation?) sent on the Penman.
  3. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    OK. I received the Optimo a couple of hours ago. It was in the original Optimo box, securely packed in a much larger shipping box. Bowtie emailed me several times letting me know that it had been shipped and approximately where it was as I could not track it myself. My dealings with Bowtie...
  4. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    Bowtie, $285 total sounds good. Please contact me at russ@elveston.com.
  5. elveston

    Still sounds good at $285 total.

    Still sounds good at $285 total.
  6. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    Looks good. My offer still stands.
  7. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    Still sounds good. Keep us informed.
  8. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    As you can see, I tried to make an offer last November on the green Optima, but was too late. Hopefully, not this time.
  9. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    Well, let's make it two in a row. If the hat is the same condition as the last one, my offer is $225 plus $25 shipping. I don't have an Optima, but I've heard so much about them, I really would like to see for myself.
  10. elveston

    Optimo hat for sale 7 1/2

    email sent.
  11. elveston

    sizing ?

    Quick answer from my experience with 20 to 30 "used" hats. You never know what a previous owner did until you actually put it on. I have several size 58 Abubras that I've stretched to about 60 without any noticeable signs other than the fit. I also have a wide assortment of types from fedoras...
  12. elveston

    Handful of hats for sale. Stetson/Dobbs

    If the stetson is still available, I've been looking for a long oval. PM sent.
  13. elveston

    Akubra hat with a bit bigger brim and crown than their Campdraft?

    everythingaustralian.com.au australiangear.com/mens.html http://hatsdirect.com/ I have purchased from all with good results, as well as David Morgan. Choice depends on which one has what you want and total price including shipping. Oh, and how long you're willing to wait. I have two...
  14. elveston

    The Stratoliner Appreciation Club {MODERN}

    I think I just bought Hat Dandy's conversion on Ebay. It arrived today, looking very nice. I didn't notice the 1 1/4 inch ribbon for about 20 minutes. Then I did a search for TFstrob 1024 0373 Strats with a wide ribbon. Needless to say, I didn't find anything. Then I remembered reading this...
  15. elveston

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Unfortunately, I also received the email. Now I have a grey CEO coming in 3 months. Makes about 25 or so Akubras at this point. But, I have a question. Just received an Eb y buy of a Stetson Stratoliner modern version. The model is TFstrob 1024 0373, in Caribou, stamped "Stratoliner"...
  16. elveston

    (black) Black Sheep hat, full beaver, $300

    It's a beautiful hat, Blackthorn. Bob does some good work when he's not wandering around the Rockies. This is actually my second Black Sheep. The first was made for me, but this one fits just as well and actually feels a bit better. Now I've just got to wait about 5 months for cool weather...
  17. elveston

    (black) Black Sheep hat, full beaver, $300

    PM sent. Trying to work a package deal.
  18. elveston

    Mau Jim JHonolua Bay sunglasses

    PM sent with fingers crossed.

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