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  1. Windward

    Any Pics of Aero Battered SEAL Horsehide fully broken in ??

    Hi Gents - like to have another Windward Jacket in AERO's Battered (Dark) Seal Midweight Horsehide. Does anyone has a well broken in Jacket made of this hide? The member minisoda purchased a battered seal Teamster and it looks very dark...
  2. Windward

    Who wants to sell Bills Khakis pants Model: M1 - Size: 38/31

    Hi, since Bills Khakis becomes very rare items want to know, if anybody like to sell new or used pants in very good condition....? I am still looking for Bills Khakis like: Original Twill 8.7oz. Model: M1 (plain front) Size: 38" waist / 31" minimum inseam lenght Color: British Khaki or...
  3. Windward

    BLACK LEATHER JACKETS are looking for pants ....please help!

    Imagine jeans are NOT yet invented :eeek:, but you have a black leather jacket :cool: What kind of pants - fabric / color - are you wearing . . . ? Maybe you know, in other forums you will be proscribed if you say, you have a BLACK :eeek: leather jacket.
  4. Windward

    FQHH jackets in Buenos Aires / Argentina

    Hi all, I'll go with my wife to Buenos Aires / Argentina and consider to open a special AERO Leather shop - or similar shop - for horse hide leather jackets. What do you think? Windward
  5. Windward

    WOW Patina !!!! --> How can I get this look ?

    It's time for a new jacket! After I found this pic of an AERO Montgomery I desiced it must be dark BROWN for a new fqhh jacket What kind of leather have I ask for to get with this amazing marbled effect - is it just because of the lighter base color of the hide?? I love the variations...
  6. Windward

    What is the best OCBD - Oxford Cloth Button Down Shirt ...?

    Hi - want to add a few american classics to my wardrobe - since I purchased a lot of Chinos I want to combine it with great looking OCBD. My prefences are only solid colors light blue and white since I am not keen with plaids and stripes (have had too much in the past). I want shirts which has...
  7. Windward

    What kind of Flightjacket is this . . . A2/G1 without flap pockets...

    I am wondering about this jacket - is this a quite unknown Flightjacket or just custom made ... Since not erverybody like Flap pockets - and not everybody see the need to wear only historical accuracy jackets - probably an idea to create a different "Flightjacket"? What's your opinions /...
  8. Windward

    Inside Pockets ? - One - Two - or None ?

    Hi Gents, any opinions and experience about inside pockets in your jackets- can you live without? Thanks Windward
  9. Windward

    Cuffs - buttoned or better press stud ?? ... and which shape looks best ??

    Hi all, want to order another jacket but this time with cuffs which can be opened. I think it looks "cool" when the cuffs left open...and practical when washing hands. 1. Any opinion and comment about buttoned cuffs or better stud press ? ( I am inclined to order hidden stud press) 2. The...
  10. Windward

    Vintage or Tumbled Horse Hide ? Who knows the different ??

    For what I've read the VINTAGE FQHH goes through a longer tumbling process to bring out more grain and soften up the hide ....so far But what is TUMBLED Horse Hide - do they only replaced the name Vintage into tumbling or is it a much more longer tumbling process untill the Hide is screaming...
  11. Windward

    Amazing and outstanding Derby / Wedding Hat

    My wife got too much hats so she decided to get rid of it - Never worn - like new - this fantastic hat is a very unique item and one off a kind from the Kurfürstendamm Berlin / Germany - the total length is 88 cm/34,65" - total width 66 cm/26" - head diameter 19 cm/ 7,5" With...
  12. Windward

    THANKS and Merry Merry Christmas to all of you. . . .

    Since I am a (little) member of the FL . . . . like to say its one of the best, nicest and most interesting . . . . why? So many people / so many opinions . . . . ever so nice and so respectful and informative worldwide . . . Thank you! Never have seen one of my friends face to face . . ...
  13. Windward

    Last chance....my AERO Windward on ebay....ends in 24 hours....

    Only if someone like it but didn't see it.... http://www.ebay.de/itm/Aero-Leather-Windward-Horsehide-Jacket-/110779045245?pt=DE_Herren_Jacken_M%C3%A4ntel&hash=item19caf2157d http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?60313-AERO-Heavy-Front-Quarter-Horse-Hide-quot-W-i-n-d-w-a-r-d-quot
  14. Windward

    AERO's Summer - Deerskin hide - need help / opinions / experiences

    Does anybody own/owned an Aero "deerskin" hide jacket and like to give any opinions or experiences ... would be very much appriciated.......Thanks!! Regards Windward
  15. Windward

    The First Step BEFORE Buying Another Leather Jacket - Good Luck!

    ;) It works !!!!!! I have A N O T H E R on order...
  16. Windward

    Polishing horsehide leather jacket

    Some of the horsehide jacket got a nice shine but loose it (in a nice way) after wearing - but want to give it back to one of them .... any idea to make a natural polish and very effectiv !? Thanks
  17. Windward

    My creation "Bush-Pilot-Jacket" in Oil Pull Horse

    I got an information from AERO LEATHER that my new jacket is beeing made so I am counting hours to receive it . . . I am not into A-2 patch pockets because those pockets accentuated someway the belly so I come to the idea creating my own Flight Jacket. My own creation: "Bush-Pilot -Jacket"...
  18. Windward

    Natural - off white - bone leather

    Gentleman - does anybody own / like a jacket made of natural horsehide (non-colored-hide) - Pics and /or opinions are welcome! Thanks Windward
  19. Windward

    "Leather In The Nature" . . .Artwork

    Hi all my wife pleased me with a very special gift . . . For this pupose she told me she had to cut a large piece out of the back of my favorite AERO jacket. . . .:eek: OMG But - Thanks God - it was just a joke!!! lol (She has studied artwork in the past) So she took one of my FQHH leather...
  20. Windward

    What kind of cuff closure ?

    Good Evening! My next AERO will be a Jerky Seal Brown HH with satin lining for summer. Want to change the american style cuffs now into the HalfBelt style cuffs! Can anyone give an idea about cuff closure? 1) Should I take the stud closure or better go with button closure? 2) Will...