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    What's for Dinner?

    Such a good weekend of food and loved having time in my kitchen. I made the tomahawk steak and WOW, what a hit! I also made a small filet that had been languishing in my freezer and a bunch of Mongolian chicken using this recipe. I figured that I can freeze or use the chicken for lunches, I like...
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    Stress and Anxiety

    Well, I have 2 pieces of advice. 1) Work out in some way. Stress causes a pseudo fight or flight response, so working out suck as running, lifting, or hitting a punching bag all help work out the aggression. 2)Have rituals and boundaries. Every day after work I do little yoga and sit down and...
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    How do you keep your house neat?

    I dedicate specific days to specific tasks. For example: Mon: Dust and vacuum Tue: Wipe bathroom counter, clean mirror, and scrub toilet Wed: Wipe kitchen counters and stovetop, and wipe down fridge shelves Etc. I keep the tasks on my calendar, and once I've completed the day's task, I move it...
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    Comments You Get When You Dress Vintage

    Many of my favorite pieces are vintage. To me, it's more than finding a one-of-a-kind piece that is beautiful, high quality, and has proved it will stand the test of time. It's also kind of rebellious, anti-capitalist, and anti-fast fashion. The world is FULL of stuff that is already wonderful...
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    The handwriting of everyday

    I love to make greetings cards so I have practice in calligraphy a few months also:) I read their wiki, resources like the "Calligraphy Bible" for more references to different scripts, bought some dip pens and ink, and began practicing various broad nib scripts. With regards to the development...
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    What are your sunglasses of choice?

    Last my purchase is the Ray-Ban Cockpit Aviators, and I love them. I have a small-ish face, and the lenses are a little smaller than standard Ray-Ban aviators. I bought them online after I tried on one of my friend's same aviator sunglasses My favorite is this [pair] of Persols in the Tobacco...
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    Anyone into tent camping?

    Love camping. When we were younger, we used a tent and found the most remote site we could to camp. Now we use a tent/trailer and camp at sites with water and indoor restrooms. The activities I do while camping include hiking, kayaking, bird watching, fishing, journal writing and generally just...
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    How do you keep your house neat?

    Here are my regular habits: Clean dishes as you make them; never have more than one set dirty at a time Don't just drop stuff where you are put it back where it goes Get rid of stuff you don't use; donate it, give it to a friend who will use it, or just throw it away Pick up something or put...
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    Beauty secrets of famous ladies

    It is the very rare bird who can shave off eyebrows and make it work. Frankly, I doubt this worked for these actresses in person. And I've never gotten the "Joan Crawfod as a Beauty" idea. I mean she's hardly woof woof material but seems rather plain and ordinary to me. My Project
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    Rollers in public

    I jog/work out in the evenings, 3 times a week tops. I just pineapple my hair or put it in a very loose bun while exercising. If my hair gets sweaty I rinse my scalp/roots with water and/or conditioner and rub to remove the sweat without disrupting the style too much.
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    Sharing Coconut Oil Experiences for the ladies....

    Coconut oil is fantastic for cooking! First of all, the health benefits are outstanding, and it is more stable than most oil at high temperatures. It's also excellent for hair and skin, but a little goes a long way, for me, at least. My website
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    How many products do you use?

    I tend to try and use a lot of different companies for my hair, skincare . For skin I always us: cleanser, toner,moisturizer, exfoliating scrub, sun protection
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    Best beauty decision you've made?

    Laser removing! I did it about 5 years ago and am currently looking for a new place to do a few touch up sessions-- so worth it! Wearing less makeup is something that I have become way more comfortable with in the last year—and my skin is very happy about the decision, too!