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  1. Canadave

    Home-made hat stretcher

    It looks like there may have been a thread on this back in 2008, but the photos are no longer posting. A friend made this out of pretty standard clamps. Seems one can remove and turn one end of the clamp around (reverse it), causing the clamp to actually widen rather than narrow. This allows the...
  2. Canadave

    Straw Hat Riots of 1922 - now you know

    A historical article on the wearing of straw hats - http://nowiknow.com/the-last-straw/
  3. Canadave

    Fez info requested

    I got excited - Village Hat Shop has tons of Fezzes at great prices. I was deflated - They must be made in China, I thought. I was bouyed - They have big sizes...up to 7 7/8! Fear was confirmed - I called and they ARE INDEED made in China. Soooo, does anyone have any fez-perience with...
  4. Canadave


    Are items from Lofgren (Japan) only available on that popular auction/shopping site? I can't find a web site for them. How many of you have that chambray Railroad shirt, and what can you tell me about it? Thanks!
  5. Canadave

    Great Keaton Scene

    A side-by-side comparison of Buster Keaton and Ernest Torrence in alternate takes of the 1928 film STEAMBOAT BILL, JR., released on DVD and BluRay by Kino International. Music by the Biograph Players. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...
  6. Canadave

    Shaping Keaton hat

    Below, you'll see 4 views of a hat I'm working on. I formed this Keaton shape without water or steam. I now want to smooth out the kinks that are obvious in that last view. I have access to mineral-free steam. Any advice before I get started? (I know the brim is larger than his would...
  7. Canadave

    Hat size poll

    I'm sure we did this before, but I can't find it. I've searched extensively, and apologize if it's been done recently. If so, point me in the direction and pretend this never happened.
  8. Canadave

    Car Talk - WW Fluid in the Old Days.

    Up here in northern climes, we use a product in our windshield washer tank that has anti-freeze in it. In comes in 4 litre (~1 g) jugs. In my youth, we used this stuff year round. Now there is a summer bug wash product that I believe, contains no anti-freeze. Most people, however, continue...
  9. Canadave

    McCain or Obama?

    Title is self explanatory...
  10. Canadave

    Matching socks to spectators...

    Black and white specs...black socks? (...and where does pant colour come in?) Thanks, David
  11. Canadave

    Nylon Stockings available free

    Hi Gals, My mother died almost a year ago, and I found some nylons that I'd like to offer up (for free to anyone interested, hopefully to wear). There are four boxes, and I'd like to send them to four different people. I don't think these are of the highest quality...the brands include...
  12. Canadave

    Free "Style Guide"

    This item has been claimed, but I thought I'd leave it up for interest's sake. Ever seen one before? This device has swingout bars to hang ties over. On this old model, the bars are a bit corroded, so I wouldn't hang ties on it. The windows seen above hold information about matching...
  13. Canadave

    Letterman's shave

    Anyone see what the barber used to shave Letterman Monday night? After being sheared with electric clippers, the barber used a device that I'd never seen before. It looked like a plastic handle for a double-edged razor blade that is used at a similar angle to a straight razor. Is this a...
  14. Canadave

    Cuff Link dilemma

    Gentlemen, As you know, many cuff links have an angle between the "button" and the post. (In this case, "button" refers to the visible, decorative part of the cuff link.) For those that have a design that has an "up or down" orientation, such as a monogram, it seems to me that when the post...
  15. Canadave

    Take my razor...please!

    Shave guys, I give up. After many tries with my Merkur DE, I’m ready to part with it forever. My last attempt included a shiny new blade from a recently purchased package of 10 (Merkur brand). I just can’t make it work. I don’t want to lather up 2 or 3 times to attack my face from different...
  16. Canadave

    Shoe leather scrape…help!

    Shoe dudes, I scuffed my favourite pair of AEs today, kicking a curb (accidentally). A small flap has lifted from the leather. The only ways I can figure to fix it would be either cutting it off with an X-acto knife, or "sanding" it off with a metal nail file. Any suggestions? Thanks...
  17. Canadave

    Designers know...

    ...what we know; “If I didn’t design my own clothes, I’d wear historical ones because they are always so wonderful.” —designer Bella Freud "Bella Freud is the daughter of the artist Lucian Freud and the great grand daughter of Sigmund Freud." David
  18. Canadave

    hanging pants

    Do you do so folded over a hanger, clipped at the cuff and hanging full length, clipped at the waistband and hanging full length or other? I do 1 and 2, but I just received a pair back from the cleaners hanging full length clipped at the waist, which seems to make sense because any marks or...
  19. Canadave

    New band, old clothes

    The Decemberists... David
  20. Canadave

    Top hats available

    I'm not sure if this is breaking the rule not to post live eBay auctions (links), but since I don't refer to any one auction, I'll give it a try. If I'm breaking the rule, I apologise and expect this post to be removed. There are currently 6 Top Hats available on that site. If you search...