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  1. Kt Templar

    What was the last TV show you watched?

    Watching the reboot All Creatures Great and Small S2x1, noticed that in one scene with many characters wearing trilbys and a possible fedora, they all had C crowns and wondering if these were period accurate (late 30's)?
  2. Kt Templar

    My new A2 Custom Five Star Leather

    He suggested I go with an XS with a 40" chest, it's marked 38 and is 21 pit to pit. S sounds about right if you want a trim fit.
  3. Kt Templar

    My new A2 Custom Five Star Leather

    I stumbled across Fivestar on my ebay travels, thought heh, maybe I'll take a punt on an A1, £85 what's there to lose. After a little chatting Shawn reduced the sleeven length for me and sent it on its way, it's an off the rack, looks like a pre-d goat. I'm very short so the body is slightly...
  4. Kt Templar

    Loungers' Pets

    Thanks for your kind thoughts earlier. On a happier note.... what a difference a year can make:
  5. Kt Templar

    Loungers' Pets

    My gorgeous little torbie girl was not destined for this world. A month ago she didn't return from her evening stroll. (95% of cats in the UK are indoor outdoor cats). We had a sleepless night and even wandering around I didn't find her. Next day I placed a 'lost' ad on FB, and sadly a...
  6. Kt Templar

    Loungers' Pets

    So sorry to hear about your losses. My 18 year old little black tortie girl passed away in January after fighting hyperthyroidism for several years. She had 2 tablets a day and didn't complain much at all. Finally her kidneys gave in. Her brother a big beautiful ginger and white passed...
  7. Kt Templar

    Historic Sheepskin Factory Closes

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-26684324 http://www.nurseysheepskin.co.uk/ Whilst the traditional sheepskin coat is not to everyones' tastes it's sad to see a company with such a long history fading away like this.
  8. Kt Templar

    The Real, real Indy Jacket: Not What You Think

    What this jacket misses and what makes the Indy jacket particularly wearable is that either side of the back panel, just below the side adjusters the jacket should be open, it basically has a suit jackets twin vents. This doesn't so it does not give any margin for sizing so you can get bound up...
  9. Kt Templar

    Leather Jacket Alteration

    22" seems remarkably short for a sleeve. I'm a small guy, but even for me shoulder to cuff measures are about 23.5". I think they probably should have double checked that one.
  10. Kt Templar

    Shipping Back to Aero from the U.S.

    This thread and the current issue in Europe where horse meat has got into ground beef in ready meals is a little ironic. Doubly so when some of it appears to be American horses shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Upwards of 100,000 animals a year... and yet horsehide is still rare...
  11. Kt Templar

    Aero to make jackets for new Hollywood WW2 Film, "The Monuments Men"

    Weeeellll, there were quite a few who were disappointed with how Indy's gear looked in Crystal Skull, but the styling was due to Bernie Pollack using the wrong jacket as a template. (He used an after market Lucasfilm licensed jacket and not one of the real film jackets as a starting point.)...
  12. Kt Templar

    blotches on jacket

    Did it get stored anywhere really cold? Sometimes fats in the leather can be forced out by extremes of temperature. Can look like mould or bloom. Ref: http://www.hewit.com/skin_deep/?volume=2&article=5
  13. Kt Templar

    Show us your vintage half-belts

    About £200.
  14. Kt Templar

    Show us your vintage half-belts

    He has that pattern now so I guess so.
  15. Kt Templar

    When is a horse not a horse....

    His zipper was not on the wrong side. Indy's zipper slide is under the storm flap in all of the movies. The original Film jackets were made in the UK where the zipper silde is often on the opposite side to the US. Actually it's been discussed a lot on the Indy forums and whilst it seems that...
  16. Kt Templar

    Show us your vintage half-belts

    This is what it looks like on me.
  17. Kt Templar

    Show us your vintage half-belts

    I would say a 36. I often can wear a modern 38, but this is smaller than that.
  18. Kt Templar

    Show us your vintage half-belts

    Hi there: Outside jacket measures: Chest: 20 Waist (at the halfbelt): 17 Sleeve: 25 Back: 24
  19. Kt Templar

    Show us your vintage half-belts

    The body is still slightly tapered, it had to fit me and I'm not er.... tapered! The Shuster's is almost wasp waisted tbh. The sleeves are slightly more tapered than the vintage one to better suit me too. Thanks for the comments.
  20. Kt Templar

    FA: 50's Halfbelt Horsehide Jacket.

    Doesn't fit me... maybe it will you! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190727237083 Happy Bidding!

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