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  1. scottyrocks

    leather jacket treatment question

    I'm almost afraid to ask this, but here goes. I've read about a bunch of things that can be applied to leather jackets to treat and condition them. But recently I came across an article (online) that said that WD-40, among its tons of other uses, is good for this purpose. Many of you...
  2. scottyrocks

    flange uneveness?

    I have a flange that I want to use to assist me in trimming a brim. In looking at it last night I noticed that it is not even all around (ignore the shadows). I don't think I've ever seen a hat with a brim with these proportions - shorter (or longer) in the front (or the back) than the back...
  3. scottyrocks

    FS: Resistol Kitten Finish, gray, beaver XXX 21.5 ID

    I just received this hat in the mail. It is much too small because I didn't catch a discrepancy in the auction. If it had fit me, it would have become one of regular everyday lids. I'm not sure of the size as there is no tag, but the internal diameter is 21.5". 2" brim, 5" open crown. It's...
  4. scottyrocks

    grammy hat??

    I am watching the Grammys. What the heck does that guy have on his head?
  5. scottyrocks

    the end of an era

    This morning was the last show of long time New York radio icon John Gambling. He, his father, John A., and his grandfather, John R., have been on New York radio continuously for the past 88 years. None of John's sons have followed him into radio, so the line has ended. John has been on...
  6. scottyrocks

    ribbon cleaning?

    How does one do this? Could I soak it in Oxyclean, and then rinse? I'm reblocking one of my hats and want to keep all the original parts, which have been stripped off the hat body. The out side of the ribbon is faded and/or dirty, and I want to clean it to see how much of each is present...
  7. scottyrocks

    head-on collision: old car vs new

    I love old cars cars as much as the next guy, but for those of you who like to say that they'd rather have all 2 tons (or more) of steel around them instead of today's rinky-dink plastic-laden vehicles, take a look at this video of a 2009 Chevy Malibu and a 1959 Chevy Bel-Air in a head-on. The...
  8. scottyrocks

    reversal reblock

    I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while, and finished it last night. I’d put it the Conversion Corral, except that it’s not a non-fedora-to-fedora conversion. Actually, it’s a front-to-back (or back-to-front) conversion. I had gotten this Fed III in well-used condition about a year and...
  9. scottyrocks

    WTB: size 59 Akubra Fed IV in carbon gray

    The thread title says it all. I've wanted a gray hat for a while, and the Fed IV is my lid of choice. If anyone has one they will part with, lemme know. Otherwise, it's off to hatsdirect.
  10. scottyrocks

    some hats for sale

    I have some hats for sale that I just don't wear. They'll be here for about a week and then go to ebay. For any of these items, please contact me via PM. All prices including shipping to CONUS. First is a beautiful Miller Bros porkpie. It's a sort of medium brown color, nice quality...
  11. scottyrocks

    skin-tight superheroes in the 40s?

    This thread was inspired by a discussion in the 'braces without waistcoat' thread. Some posts mentioned shirts and braces (suspenders) as underwear. Someone made mention of superheroes. And it got me to thinking. What was the general public's reaction to superhero costumes? In particular...
  12. scottyrocks


    Im talking about my forehead. :( Over the years, I have gotten blemishes (read: pimples) on my forehead from my fedoras. My solution had been to stop wearing them until the pimples healed. But I dont want to stop wearing them. This seems to happen after Ive been sweating into the...
  13. scottyrocks

    suit rotation

    Gentlemen, With so much talk of suits recently, I thought I'd post this. I have not been able to wear suits to work on a regular basis since about 1991 when I became a PE teacher exclusively. Ive always had 3 to 4 suits in my rotation but have always felt that I was just a bit short...
  14. scottyrocks

    'editorial cartoon' - photograph, actually

    What should be, imho. Opinions welcome.
  15. scottyrocks

    help with hat ID?

    This is my grandfather and my mother, circa ~1940, in the Bronx. Anyone wanna take a stab at identifying his hat? It’s not a quiz. I have no idea.
  16. scottyrocks

    just scored an A-2

    I just ebay-scored the exact A-2, at an amazing price, that I have wanted for quite a while. When I get it I'll post some pics. Between this and my newly arrived Fed IV, Im quite happy.
  17. scottyrocks

    mine arrived today, too!

    Hey, all. My Akubra Fed IV arrived today. I am absolutely thrilled! Ive already wet-bashed it. I love it! I dont know if Im ever gonna take this hat off my head. :p
  18. scottyrocks

    buying on faith

    This has to have been covered here at some point, but searching has been very time consuming, so I am asking. How do you all buy hats on faith? I've bought hats on ebay. I've been happy with more than I've been unhappy with. But they've all been small dollar amounts, including my Royal...
  19. scottyrocks

    New and psyched to be here!

    OMG! Hi, guys! I am so excited to be here! In the time that Ive been waiting to be able to post, Ive read as much as I could, including all 151 pages of the 'your newest hat' thread. You guys have inspired me to go from merely wearing my hats, as I have for years, to getting excited...

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