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    Black Bear Brand - Owner‘s experience wanted

    I am a 43 inch chest all the way around
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    Black Bear Brand - Owner‘s experience wanted

    Yeah no problem, for me the main issue is in the armpit area. I guess the jacket does run small. So personally I don’t fell comfortable having it on cause the armpit area is too tight or too high.
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    Dehen 1920 Items - N1 Deck Jacket, Hopkins, Shawl Sweater & Heavy Duty Crew

    I am, I sent you a private message
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    Black Bear Brand - Owner‘s experience wanted

    I own a few of their products, like their Henley, beanie, a couple of shirt and the Y2 collar leather bomber jacket. I think that you do pay that premium for the specific collaboration design, because if you really like that specific item you would not be able to find it else where. But all the...

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