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    Schott Knitwear?

    Any experience or opinions on Schott’s wool and knitwear? Now I know that’s not exactly what they’re known for, but darn do they have some good looking classic pieces (looking at you fisherman’s sweater) and for what I think is a very swallowable price. For reference, I like wearing my...
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    WTB: RMC CWU-7/P Size M/L

    Hi everyone, Looking for a The Real McCoy’s CWU-7/P Mechanics Jacket size M or L. Judging by the measurements, I’m right on the line between the two. If you have one you would like to get rid of, I’m your man Thanks
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    Comment by 'Plombus' in article 'The Legendary.... Pencil. The Blackwing 602.'

    Wound up getting introduced to these while visiting the Steinbeck house in Salinas. Picked some up mostly for the poops and giggles. I think I hoped they would inspire me to write more. While they haven’t totally accomplished that (yet), they have definetly proved themselves. They really are...

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