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    Old Navy Harper Pants - Close to 1950s Cigarette Pants?

    The description on the link is mid rise. The 1950s version is a high waist. I think a mid rise is 9 1/2" and a high waist is a minimum of 12". They are very reasonably priced and come in a variety of colors which is nice. You can easily pull off a vintage inspired look with them. I'm...
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    Going to the beach...

    Hi, I usually wear a short sarong with my swimsuit. I have one vintage "swim robe" that matches my blue suit perfectly so I wear that open over my suit. It is lightweight cotton, 3/4 length sleeves, hip length and has 2 big hip pockets. I spend more time by the pool than in the sand and...
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    When did the pin-up look take over the vintage esthetic?

    This is a very interesting thread ladies. I would describe my own style as retro or vintage inspired. I have noticed, as Lady Day has that all the big producers of repro have gone over the top with a cartoonish pinup style. (I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was afraid I was getting old fast)...
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    The Middy Thread

    Oh Papermoon I'm so sorry that has happened. The good thing is it that's its hair and will grow back. I did have a similar experience. My hair is all one length usually with a tiny bit of "face framing" layers in the front. The gal with the scissors in her hand went a bit nutty and gave me...
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    Show us your hair do's....

    Dixie your hair looks beautiful. I like the soft curl and am a bit amazed you got a great result in the humidity.
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    Dying bras

    I have tried it on a few without paying attention to the fabric content and the proper dye. I used rit dye and the results are okay. Due to the different textures and fabric on most bras, each part comes out a slightly different shade. The lace is usually lighter, the straps and waistbands...
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    How do you keep your house neat?

    I am a neat freak, compulsive cleaner, whatever you want to call it. I put everything away as soon as I'm done with it, clean dishes immediately after use and deep clean on a weekly basis. At least one load of laundry daily, sweep dust & vacuum. I could probably use a bit of advice on how to...
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    do you wash your hair everyday?

    I usually wash every other day.and on super active days it's every day I use a leave in conditioner, sulfate free shampoo, no hairspray or other styling products and try to use curling irons as little as possible. I am a distance runner and do spin classes 4 -5 times per week so its...
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    Experience with "Stop Staring" Brand

    Hi, I like Stop Staring. The quality is very good and the designs are retro style without being costume-y. I wear many of them to work. For a woman of 5'7" the length will be probably be perfect. The bust lines are designed to be flattering for most with a wrap or rouching. If you are...
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    How many products do you use?

    by day moisturizer w spf eyelid "primer" face powder brow pencil/powder eye shadow eye liner mascara lipstick hair leave in cond. treatment = 9 night jojoba oil to moisturize eye & neck night time moisturizer lip balm nail/cuticle oil = 4 I use the oil cleansing method for face using jojoba...
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    New Bartender -- Sheeplady

    I agree -Sheeplady is a great choice. May I also say that the decision to make a front parlor for all and the powder room women only was a great one as well. Thank you
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    Men in the PR -- Poll (WOMEN ONLY)

    Alice, you are making me rethink my no answer. I'm constantly around more men than women and I'm comfortable with it. I didn't give thought to ladies that aren't in the same type of environment. If more ladies will be comfortable posting without the men, than I say "yes".
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    What makeup are you wearing today?

    Benefit Big Easy in light, Benefit "lemon aid" eyelid primer, 3 colors from Smashbox eyeshadow "full exposure" palette, Lancome eyeliner in black, Benefit Brow Zings "medium", Shiseido Lipliner "chianti", Shiseido "dragon" red lipstick, Urban Decay Supercurl Mascara and finished off with a...
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    What vintage won't you wear?

    Hats, shoulder pads, polyester anything, circle skirts, crinolines, ruffles. I would wear gloves for fashion, but I only remember them when its cold.
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    Help!!! Long hair problems

    My hair is waist length and naturally stick straight. I like the length and the freedom of not having to style it all the time, all those products and heat wreak havoc on healthy hair. I can't stand the feel of the styling products and unwashed hair. On a daily basis I go with a pomp and...
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    Ladies show us your best.

    Megan, you've got a great style. The green color is absolutely beautiful on you.
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    Ladies show us your best.

    I don't know why people don't post here more either. I don't, because I'm a bit too lazy to take the pics in the first place, sorry. You look great in your outfits and your glasses. Are the glasses vintage? They are a perfect fit with your face.
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    Besame cosmetics

    Hi Red Dahlia, they moved to that location a little bit ago. The other store on Victory is now closed. Did you know they also sell Besame at the Miss L Fire store in Hollywood too? That store is a bank account killer...Miss L Fire shoes, Besame, Freddies of Pinewood, Classic Hardware, Bernie...
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    I've made a decision...

    No, don't give up on your style. Experiment with snoods, scarves, flowers and up-dos. Not everyone is blessed with cooperative hair, we just need to find inspiration and ideas for straight hair.

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