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  1. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR & Outland 55J14 G-1 jacket giveaway...

    Hi guys, Morten has graciously given us a G-1 to give away in our Outland Top Gun 2 promo. If you're interested, give it a go ;) https://www.facebook.com/outlandsynth/
  2. Brettafett

    Bill Kelso Harleys Cafe Racer

    Funny to read this thread. For what its worth, I own 2 BK A-2s (among others) and they are both keepers. Ive been around a long time and owned jackets from almost everyone in the game, and these jackets are second to none. Period. All depends what you're after I guess. Politics and history...
  3. Brettafett

    Eastman Star size help!

    Fit is a subjective thing, as are dissecting WW2 pics. Im selling my ELC Monarch because it feels a bit large on me. And its a pain, because the jacket is insane! But no amount of wishing is going to change the fact. I have 4 other high end A-2s that fit me beautifully, makes its pretty...
  4. Brettafett

    ELC Monarch 23378 A-2 Size 42 F/S

    Still for sale. Asking £850 PP F&F posted UK (posted elsewhere at agreed costs) ELC has had a price increase, now £1199 Essentially new, mint condition. Only worn for fit picks and once outside the house.
  5. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR Classic styles... Looking good

    AVI just dropped some new CLASSIC styles... https://www.avileather.com/product-category/leather-jackets/classic-jackets/
  6. Brettafett

    AVI LEATHER Archive sale - M-422As and G-1s for sale...

    Not sure if anyone else received this, but there's a 38, some 42s, 44s, 48, 54 and even a size 60 on there! Apparently, "The products are mainly development samples, previous versions or jackets with small flaws. " https://www.avileather.com/archive-sale/
  7. Brettafett

    ELC Monarch 23378 A-2 Size 42 F/S

    Some new pics. This is still for sale. I have not/ am not wearing it. Please, someone grab this beautiful jacket! Save me from this misery ;)
  8. Brettafett

    M-422A repro size 42 F/s NWT

    Measurements (approx) attached: Shoulders 18.75" Pit to pit 21.5" Zipper front 23" Sleeve (outer curve) 25.75"+ Back 25.75"+ Im 5'10, 72kgs, 40" chest, regular build and this is a perfect fit, incl lengths. See fit pic at bottom. This is the SAME jacket, but with the wider left pocket and...
  9. Brettafett

    M-422A repro size 42 F/s NWT

    Hi all, This was the first jacket I received, that was replaced with the 'updated' version (reviewed elsewhere). The update included the label and hanger tab being moved up slightly, the wider left pocket and the extra row of stitching under the collar. Otherwise its exactly the same. Gorgeous...
  10. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's long-awaited M-422A (NXs. 416) pics and review

    Here are some legends of the AVG wearing their M-422/As… Im planning to do some custom paint work to my jacket, emulating the red Angel of the 3rd Squadron’s Hells Angels. R.T. Smith Comparing some original G&F M-422As
  11. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's long-awaited M-422A (NXs. 416) pics and review

    Its been a while since I did a review... But here goes... I've been wearing this jacket often since I received it, and initial impressions stand up. Its a beaut! Patterned after AVI's original WW2 Gordon & Ferguson M-422A, the jacket looks right and fits comfortably. AVI have done a good job of...
  12. Brettafett

    For Sale : Eastman Original Maker RW 27752 Size 42

    Not bad at all Jorge ;) Pretty darn good Id say...
  13. Brettafett

    Advice on new A2 jacket

    Looks great, if the price is right, and the fit sure is... its a great first A-2! Dont worry too much about the back. Nothing wrong with it. My Monarch is the same in some parts... Horsehide is strong, they use different pieces of the leather for different parts. You may find it thinner in the...
  14. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR Cafe racer J-100

    As you all know, Im a fan of AVI LTHR's jackets and have just ordered the long-awaited M-422A. (Pics and thoughts will be posted) In discussing some details of the above order, I received some info I thought I'd share. They are introducing a line of classic civilian types, the first being a Cafe...
  15. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's G&F M-422A is here!

    This dropped recently, received and email over the weekend. https://www.avileather.com/product/m-422a-flight-jacket-nxs416/ Copied off their Gordon & Ferguson original. From what I can see, most of the detailing is there...
  16. Brettafett

    JA Dubow Mfg Dubow G-1 repro - Platon's expanding to the USN - Who wants one????

    Now this IS interesting. Platon has acquired an original Dubow G-1, and is looking to reproduce it. I had some recent comms with him and he shared the below. Essentially, he is looking at reproducing an "...exact replica so it will feel like a NOS original..." Considering what he did with the...
  17. Brettafett

    ELC Monarch 23378 A-2 Size 42 F/S

    This is still for sale, awaiting a new home.
  18. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's 'new' Bronco pics!

    For the USN fans... I was told ages ago that AVI had acquired and will be making a repro of a Star Sportswear G-1. I asked about this when ordering the A-2 and was told it would still be a while, but... I was shown a pic of their G&F M-422a test jacket, they recently received!!! Liking the look...
  19. Brettafett

    AVI LTHR's 'new' Bronco pics!

    And lastly, a comparison with their 2019 goat version. Despite owning a number of top end jackets, I love wearing the AVI goat jacket, its so light and comfy... My only gripe is that the sleeves could have done with another inch (rectified with the new HH jacket)...