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  1. ariahokas

    Hat making equipment: Any interest?

    Hello fellow forumers! Recently, I decided to hang up my hat as a Hatmaker—pun intended. Having two kids a few years ago sealed the deal on what could have been a successful business making vintage inspired fedoras. So what do I do with all of my equipment? I’d like to get a feeler on what...
  2. ariahokas

    Clearing my stock—50% off all Raleigh Hat Co.

    Hello, fellow loungers. Most of you don't know of me, but I'm an oh-so-very small production hat maker based in Oxie Church Village, Sweden, called Raleigh Hat Co. Originally I am from the Raleigh, NC. It's almost wintertime and I am prepping for my next collection so I would love to clear out...
  3. ariahokas

    Raleigh Hat Co.

    Hi Deadly! Interesting! I think I may add another angle to the photos because I've noticed that depending on the angle, my #52 block sometimes looks more tapered than it is. I use two different blocks—mostly #52 and #159. The #52's in the listings are all semi-long oval, which might seem more...
  4. ariahokas

    Raleigh Hat Co.

    :D Yeah, the name can be misleading. I may be offering the hats though in a men's shop in downtown Raleigh. I will keep you updated if that happens! /Ari
  5. ariahokas

    Raleigh Hat Co.

    Hi everyone. I'm a new(ish) hatter and thought it would be a good idea to start a thread—mainly to gather feedback, but also to introduce my work to the most critical eyes on hats—The Lounge. I've been making hats for a few years now. I've learned what I know mostly from attrition, trial and...
  6. ariahokas


    Edit: I agree with @Yahoody 1000+ grit sandpaper is utterly useless and will actually produce an uneven texture and shade in the finish. It's just too fine for the fur—besides you singe the final fur bits anyways.
  7. ariahokas


    I'm actually not aware of any sort of "burning" during the pouncing stage. You'd have to press very hard and you'd need a pouncing machine that spun at a very rapid rate to actually burn the fur with friction. Maybe the previous poster meant something else? Many hatters tout pouncing "by hand"...
  8. ariahokas

    High quality print run of "Scientific hat finishing and renovating"

    Hi everyone. I want to gauge the interest in doing a small but exceptional quality print run of a hardcover copy of Henry Ermatinger's "Scientific hat finishing and renovating". I own and operate Raleigh Hat Co. out here in Sweden and often refer to this book while working, so I figured it'd...
  9. ariahokas

    Looking for a Singer 107-1,2 ASM 1107 or any sweatband sewing machine

    Hi George! Great on you for helping her speed up the process! There is basically one place to get the ASM that I am aware of and it costs $3000. https://www.jwrhats.com/tooling/
  10. ariahokas

    Vetiver scent

    Actually I think I have a few things that for that category. Byredo Bal D'Afrique — it's not usually spoken about as being a vetiver, but it absolutely is. It's a very playful, younger vetiver that is one of the best on the market. I don't know anyone who doesn't love it. Hermes Hermescence...
  11. ariahokas

    Hatters beware! American hatter threatens to sue over matches behind the ribbon!

    Living just across the bridge from Hornskov in Sweden, I'd be curious to see what a Danish lawyer would say about this takedown. I know that the EU and Nordic countries in general aren't quite as liberal when it comes to who can sue who for what. It sounds like it would be an expensive and...
  12. ariahokas

    Ask a question, get an answer

  13. ariahokas

    Ask a question, get an answer

    I don't have much experience with that particular hat, but I've seen a Sovereign in person and typically the thread work is all over the place. Even the $330 open road has some very sloppy thread work on it for hat price. I'd say for $200, you're better off getting a custom hat done by...
  14. ariahokas

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Hey fellow loungers! I'm in the process of building my workshop in order to produce hats at a faster rate. I am looking for information on this elusive ASM 1107-1 sewing machine. It's a replica of the Singer 107 machines. I cannot seem to find a single shred of info about it online. Anyone...
  15. ariahokas

    Stetson The Sovereign 7 1/8

    Stetson The Sovereign 7 1/8 — I have never worn this hat, it was for my wife originally whom never wore it either. It's in next to mint condition. The felt is BLACK, very black, and in perfect condition besides the dust you see on it :) . The pictures don't accurately show how black it truly is...
  16. ariahokas

    FS: US Navy/Coast Guard Academy Bridge Coat/Peacoat Vintage 36R

    Bump. Would love this to go to someone that will love it :)
  17. ariahokas

    FS: US Navy/Coast Guard Academy Bridge Coat/Peacoat Vintage 36R

    Hey guys, I recently bought this on eBay, however, it's a tad too small for me. I measure as a 41" chest, but typically wear a 38R in suits/coats. This is a slim coat, especially in the waist. Description: Authentic Naval Officer's bridge coat / peacoat. The quality of this coat is unrivalled...
  18. ariahokas

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Yeah dude! It's the first hat I've had that I actually CAN get a crease like this. It just doesn't come out as nice with the Fed IV.
  19. ariahokas

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    It's actually blocked to 5 3/4 he said. It feels tall though. It probably has to do with the brim being smaller and giving it the illusion of being taller.
  20. ariahokas

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Right!? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk

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