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    New Beverly Cinema, LA

    What, did the Nuart go out of business?
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    Lil sump'm for the conservatives here.

    Someone in the Crusades said it--and I can't remember if it was a Crusader or a Saracen: "God save us from true believers."
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    1947 Levis help

    Maybe it's because then they'd have to explain how their 501's are made overseas, after they spent so many years telling us about how "authentic" and American-made they were. I personally buy Wranglers when I need jeans these days...
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    Where to find Breton - French Naval Shirts?

    You forgot about the long loaf of bread under the arm.
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    More Vintage Menswear Illustrations...

    I ain't afraid a no homos neither! (I can run faster than them.)* *I never use smilies. Whether it's funny or not is kind of up to you.
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    Current stars wearing their lids

    Some of "old Hollywood" may or may not have surpassed "today's Hollywood" in moral rectitude or "breeding" or "class" or whatever you care to call it, but what "old Hollywood" had that "today's Hollywood" doesn't have is powerful studio public relations departments who own their stars' images...
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    New school actors, old school looks.

    Well, actually, Crowe physically fits Hammett's description of Spade better than Bogart. Bogart did not look "rather pleasantly like a blond Satan." Also, Bogart looked a lot skinnier than the Spade in the book. Personally, I think Crowe could do a bang-up job of playing Sam Spade. (I...
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    Lighters banned on all flights beginning 4/14/05

    To me, smoking in the passenger compartment isn't the issue. They now ban lighters even in checked luggage. What's the point of that? Who is the asinine twerp that decided that? If planes crashed because there were cigarette lighters in them, you wouldn't be able to get to the local market...
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    What madness is this?

    Look at the expression on the model wearing that stuff's face; he seems to be thinking, "Their check better clear!" Also, they misnamed their site. They included the word "style." That's not style, it's fashion. Fashion goes out of style. Style never does.
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    Yes, but is this art?

    Pretty far off-topic, but... Hey, MK. It's the Marine raincoat I usually keep in my truck for the afternoon thundershowers we get around here in the summer. The hat is Lee Keppler's Maltese Falcon hat. You can't quite see it in the avatar, but it was raining the night the photo was taken...
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    Yes, but is this art?

    I find myself lining up with BellyTank and Lauren here. Grafitti can be "art." So is this stuff of Banksy's. I won't go so far as to describe either of these examples as "good art," though... I think the "is it Art?" question is often a difficult one to answer. It's sort of like the...
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    dress set

    So...Where were those pictures taken? Kind of looks like Arizona...
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    Straw pole - how many of you wear lids whilst driving?

    I drive a Chevy truck. There's enough room in it for me to wear a fedora without it brushing on anything. I only wear it when it's cold and/or rainy, though. When riding a motorcycle, I ALWAYS wear a lid--a skid lid (helmet).
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    Bogie's chain "The Big Sleep"

    His wallet? (Because he's a biker?) My grandfather (who was a biker) used to have a chain from a belt loop to his keys in his front pocket.
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    One of the most ridiculous things I've read...

    Welcome to bureaucracy...
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    "Stitched-up" pockets?

    Yes, the tie has ancient Roman origins. All slaves had to wear a rope around their neck, as a visual cue as to their class. Over time, the slaves of the wealthy, who were often in charge of the day-to-day running and operations of their masters' estates and businesses, began to wear more...
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    Which Rat Pack member are you?

    I'm Curly of the Three Stooges. Just kidding. I'm Dean Martin. (And that's cool with me.)
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    A tale of woe Part V Court day

    You might want to read up on the powers of Citizen's Arrest before you go invoking it. I seem to recall it being only for felonies. That would discourage people from trying to arrest each other over misdemeanors like speeding, parking in handicapped spaces, taking their dog to the beach...
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    Aftershave : That nostalgic true masculine smell!

    Upon reading that, a lot of smart remarks along the lines of, "Don't get discouraged. You might get lucky. You might come across me!" sprang to mind. Fortunately for us all, I'm much too well-bred to say them...
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    Aftershave : That nostalgic true masculine smell!

    Years ago, at work, there was a magazine laying around with one of those smelly ads in it for "Safari." I overheard one young lady tell another, "If a man came to me smelling like that I would tear him down." A great recommendation, and I've been wearing it ever since. My other two favorites...

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