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  1. Arnold Layne

    HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden

    For sure. Thank you Mikael. Loving your 70mm ribbon btw. Hmmm.
  2. Arnold Layne

    Panama Hat Thread

    I think you've done your homework there Trevor. Online is pretty much your only choice for cheap panamas in Blighty. Bricks and mortar stores mainly retail Christys' or Olney panamas but Olney stopped making hats last year! For myself, Ebay and others have kept me in everyday straw for a few...
  3. Arnold Layne

    Empire outlet

    Ha Ha Vic, yes I do and one or two from other tailors! Plus over the years some vintage tweed suits, jackets and overcoats. You said in your first post that the jacket and waistcoat/vest were tight and that 48" was their largest size 'ready made'. Asian sizes are notoriously small as you know...
  4. Arnold Layne

    Empire outlet

    I have six Empire Outlet suits. I've got six because they're so reasonably priced. Looking at their website it might be possible to be shocked by their choice of very loud and garish checks, however, looking deeper you may notice some very tastefull tweeds. I have three herringbone three piece...
  5. Arnold Layne

    Dormir en beau pyjama douillet.

    Recevez-vous des décharges électriques statiques?
  6. Arnold Layne

    HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden

    Thanks Robert, Mikael says it's 5.5" and measuring it, 14cm it is open crown, so 5 inches to the center dent at the front. I have a few hats with a 6" crown, 5" center crease but none of them look this big! I presume that is the magic/optical illusion of the reverse taper ... the crown looks so...
  7. Knit2 (2).jpg

    Knit2 (2).jpg

  8. Purlzgirl


    Fair Isle
  9. Arnold Layne

    HUFVUD HATMAKER | Lund, Sweden

    It's not my custom to post pictures of myself online but I did today .... In thanks to Mikael for letting me have his first Oxblood Dillinger 100X (also available for other orders I'm sure). Everything about this hat is exquisite. The design, construction, the materials and colour. Two pictures...