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  1. Doctor Damage

    To alter or sell?

    THIS x1000. There was a funny thread once on AAAC with some tailor in NYC claiming he could re-cut a man's sports jacket to a smaller size. He was full of crap, of course, since every piece of the jacket had been cut carefully to fit as a size X and you can't completely pull it apart then make...
  2. Doctor Damage

    How Long For A Leather Jacket To Start To Get Soft?

    If you're in the right (wrong?) mindset, reading this thread can be very funny.
  3. Doctor Damage

    Coldest Weather I've been in

    Might seem a bit insane to be posting in this thread on June 10th but on wake up this morning here in south southern Ontario our temperature was 10C and it managed to climb up to a high of 14C around noon. We actually turned the heat on in the house this afternoon. We should be wearing shorts...
  4. Doctor Damage

    m65 identification

    This jacket and the following one are examples of "tags" being stamped on the lining.
  5. Doctor Damage

    m65 identification

    Time for some tags from jackets I've seen in the past on eBay. I'll post these in separate posts so they don't get mixed up. On some old jackets the cloth tags clearly shrunk during (repeated) cleaning and were even resewn back on. Some tags weren't sewn on but were stamped directly onto the lining.
  6. Doctor Damage

    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Last evening I watched the 2021 film The Last Son. It's a gritty Western, extremely well photographed, which looks like it was actually filmed during winter. It probably should have been a 12 episode mini-series, given how many interesting characters are in it, since the film's running time...
  7. Doctor Damage

    US Navy & US Marine Corp Boat Cloaks, and US Army Capes

    USMC boat cloak "in the wild". Saw this image on Reddit.
  8. Doctor Damage

    Biker jacket

  9. Doctor Damage

    ALL ORIGINAL Irvin RAF type Jackets - Loving that Wolf in sheeps' clothing!

    ^ I find it hard to believe (and a bit depressing) that I'm the most recent person to post in this thread two full years ago. Anyway, there's some charming pics of McCartney with child:
  10. Doctor Damage

    Biker jacket

  11. Doctor Damage

    Nomex Flyer jacket

    ^ That jacket is a US Army aviator's jacket, not USAF. The condition is amazing for the age (1976), what a lucky find!
  12. Doctor Damage

    Hangers... Do you hang your leather jackets on them?

    I recently got some of these hangers as part of a random jumble pack of used hangers. They're not super rigid like wood, but they have thick shoulders and support well my heavy trench coats and whatnot. Being made of one piece of shaped plastic you can clean them easily. They come in different...

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