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    My New Premiere Highwayman in Dark Maple Bainbridge

    Thanks for the support. It’s all good though, nothing was said that I haven’t already thought myself. Those creases do help remind me that I need to pull my shoulders back and have better posture, since that minimizes them. Also need to work on my traps :D BTW, here’s an updated picture for...
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    Thurston Bros. Bainbridge leather?

    Here are some outside shots after several more hours of wear and a short walk through a light sprinkle. My other jackets are a tumbled FQHH and a battered FQHH. This jacket is softer, lighter, and feels great from the first wear. The others are noticeably heavier and stiffer, especially...
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    Thurston Bros. Bainbridge leather?

    Here are a couple not good pictures. I’ll try to take better ones later. They make the jacket look lighter than it is (it’s more a chocolate brown), and the camera shows more light highlights than I see with my eye on the back picture. The back picture is closer to the actual color. this is...
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    Thurston Bros. Bainbridge leather?

    I just got a Maple Bainbridge Sheene a couple weeks ago. Been too hot to really wear it in, but really looking forward to when it cools off. I had originally ordered the Sheene in Brown FQHH, but saw the Bainbridge while the factory was shut down and managed to change my order. Zero regrets...
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    Thurston Bros. - Official Affiliate Thread

    I received the jacket today and I can confirm the pictures are accurate in color, especially the 3rd, 4th, and 5th picture. It's a beautiful chocolate brown color.

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