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  1. AtomicEraTom

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    Trading up is my goal. My dad is a real-estate developer and always taught me that rent was for suckers and that for the same price as owning a house, you could be building equity. Actually, my house payment is cheaper than renting a flat around here. I have about 65k in my house, and the...
  2. AtomicEraTom

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    Going back to the using the Lord's name in vain conversation from a few pages back. When I was a kid, and a teenager, using the Lord's name in vain was one of the few things that would result in an instant pop across the mouth from either of my parents. There was no reason for it, no excuse for...
  3. AtomicEraTom

    What was your first car...???

    My first car: 1960 Chevy Bel-Air. Gosh, I wish I still had it.
  4. AtomicEraTom

    Show us your Guns!

    Thank you! We love our venison here, too!!
  5. AtomicEraTom

    Show us your Guns!

    Thank you! Forgot to mention, the gun is a Remington 742 Woodmaster in 30-06.
  6. AtomicEraTom

    Show us your Guns!

    Not my gun, but did use it yesterday.
  7. AtomicEraTom

    Show us your vehicles

    Since I turned 25 on the 15th and am into the "old man" category, a Lakeland Cap for the truck was only logical....
  8. AtomicEraTom

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    That makes absolute sense. My house is only a starter house, as I know 12-1400 square feet will never be enough, and the yard will DEFINITELY not be enough. This is just a place to flip to make enough money for something more suited to my needs. I was the last of my family to be born in...
  9. AtomicEraTom

    Excessive posting? ... Interesting.....

    I will let James know who is missing him. Wonderful to see some activity in this thread!!
  10. AtomicEraTom

    Your Most Disturbing Realizations

    I use all Tube TV's, the TV I'm currently watching on is 2 months older than me, the one in my bedroom is from 1984, among other various old consoles I have. My favorite, though, is the one my parents bought when they got married, in 1988. I have it, it still works, and to think of all the...
  11. AtomicEraTom

    Excessive posting? ... Interesting.....

    Miss rue and Powers.... I talked to James today, but I do miss him here.
  12. AtomicEraTom

    Vintage Things That Have Disappeared In Your Lifetime?

    Army/Navy surplus stores seem to be a thing of the past, for the most part. Also, the neighborhood bar. This is Wisconsin, there's still TONS of them, but it used to be every neighborhood had one at the end of the block. Heck, there was a brewery down the street from where I live...
  13. AtomicEraTom

    Your Most Disturbing Realizations

    I look at it this way; my Great-Grandpa passed away at 94 years old. His regular diet was of bacon and or burgers, and he was a beer drinker. He even ran a speakeasy during prohibition. My Grandpa passed away last year at 84. He drank Pabst, smoked pipes, cigars, chewed tobacco, and it seems...
  14. AtomicEraTom

    Show us your Thrift and/or yard sale finds

    My grandpa built one years ago, and it was used as an end table all my life. That's what I'm using this one for. I figured the Lounge would be a place where I'd find someone else with one lol Thank you!
  15. AtomicEraTom

    What's for Dinner?

    A pasty, mashed potatoes, country gravy, and beer to drink.
  16. AtomicEraTom

    Your Most Disturbing Realizations

    Very disturbing realizing how fast time goes and that it never stops. In so many ways, I still think from my 10 year old mind, as far as time. I think of the 90s as just having ended, my parents people in their thirties, and my grandparents as people in their 50s/60s. Realistically, my...
  17. AtomicEraTom

    Brewery Collecting

    Hahaha! I have never seen one of those before. That is hilarious! Thank you! We go to brewery shows, auctions, and of course, eBay is always a good source!
  18. AtomicEraTom

    Show us your vintage home!

    Hahaha! Yup! That sounds like her! She turned 50 this year (you didn't hear that from me) and she's still tougher than most men my age!
  19. AtomicEraTom

    Vintage Car Thread - Discussion and Parts Requests

    Not particularly vintage, but people keep telling me my Cadillac is a "classic." I think they're using the term very loosely. Anywho, my passenger mirror unfortunately was KIA a couple Sundays ago. On Sundays, they let the St. Mary's parishioners park in front of the church. Usually, you can...