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    Johnson Leather Trucker Jacket (36)

    Went ahead and dropped the price. Edit: Sold! Thanks everyone!
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    Johnson Leather Trucker Jacket (36)

    Thank you! I agree about the wearability - I've got the same jacket in 2.5oz black horween horsehide, which may be the reason why it's my favorite of the two. This jacket does have an inside pocket, on the left. I might take a picture, if I manage to get home this week before sunset. Hi there...
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    Johnson Leather Trucker Jacket (36)

    Sorry about that, here's what I've got. Shoulders: 17.5-17.75in Pit-to-Pit: 19.75in Waist: 18.5in Body Length: 20.25in Sleeve Length: 23.25in For sleeve length, I laid the sleeve flat, and took the outside measurement from the top of the shoulder to the cuff. I've updated the first post...
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    Johnson Leather Trucker Jacket (36)

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Selling this jacket as I have another in black that gets more wear. Trucker Jacket by Johnson Leather (San Francisco). Whiskey-Tan Leather Horsehide (~2.75 oz) Size 36 Shoulders: 17.5-17.75in Pit-to-Pit: 19.75in Body Length: 22in (Measured from the back...

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