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  1. Van88

    Lewis Leathers Steerhide/Horsehide/Sheepskin & 441T/402T/551T

    hello! I’m interested in a LL sheep skin 402. I was wondering how’s the leather for insulation/keep warm? I’m not looking for a heavy jacket, just something to layer with a hoodie during Texas winter. what I notice with my Flat head horsehide jacket while traveling is it’s quite chilly while...
  2. Van88

    Anyone knows how to order Lewis Leather from US?

    thank you! I have contact them directly through email and their pricing is a lot more fair compare with other retailor and majority of the jacket can be custom made too.
  3. Van88

    Anyone knows how to order Lewis Leather from US?

    anyone else figured out how to get LW in the states? im looking for the 391t model but with lighter linning not the dimond ones since i want to wear it during spring and summer
  4. Van88

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    I appreciate your reply and I may have been over critical of the owner, I did reach out and buy from him before and he was quickly and informatively got back to me with answers. True beauty is in the eye of the beholder and same thing with taste. I think I will give it a shot because I love how...
  5. Van88

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    definatly agree, he is passionate about what he is selling (SOP owner) but he said the same thing about Schott then same thing about the flat head he carrys and so on... not see alot of reviews out there on laer brand/quailty. Only thing I have against SOP is the owner contradiction against...
  6. Van88

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    hello! I’m looking at laer myself from SOP. how is that jacket holding up? I’m saving for a motto perfecto style jacket at the moment and wasn’t sure if I should go laer or save some more and get the real mccoy j24
  7. Van88

    Engineer Boots, Harness Boots...

    your Lofgren looked amazing! is that the natural CXL one?
  8. Van88

    John Lofgren Engineer Boots in Natty CXL

    your lofgren looked amazing darker, i just order a pair myself... i don't like the new natural CXL look but i love the dark brown it become! waiting for my natural CXL to come in :)
  9. Van88

    The Flat Head Rider's Jacket

    wow that looked amazing! is it the flat head jacket? did the leather stretch at all?
  10. Van88

    The Real McCoy's Buco J-100 size 38** asking $1,200

    SOLD! Thanks everyone for your time!
  11. Van88

    The Flat Head Rider's Jacket

    i like the jacket you post (The Flat Head Horsehide Rider's Jacket - Classic Colla) and the The Flat Head Horsehide Leather Cafe Racer Black... hard choice, did anyone happen to have a chance to wear either of these?
  12. Van88

    The Real McCoy's Buco J-100 size 38** asking $1,200

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums and wished I spent a little more time on here before purchasing my grail... the salesman recommended this size (38) base on the measurement I gave him, saying it is similar to his measurements. We did not consider my shoulder and bicep are measure larger than...

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