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    Post Thedi Leather Jacket Photos Here........

    Why the mixed feelings?
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    The front might not look so bad but the back is really awful. Looks like he could fit 2 thick sweaters in. The arms are also baggy and unless he puts on another 10kg I'll look like a sack on him.
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    FS: ELMC Californian Black 42 (fits 40)

    Pending a disaster this is mine all mine muahahahaha.... Cough cough unless GF makes me sleep in the dog house and I don't have a dog house lol.
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    FS: ELMC Californian Black 42 (fits 40)

    Hi Mrfrown, I PM you. I'm interested but could you please measure the bicep with please? Many thanks. I just saw the rest of the other measurements.
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    Cal Leather restored. Any suggestions?

    Does it even need conditioning the thing looks almost new with hardly any wearing?
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    Thedi Atlas Deluxe Half Belt, size Large, Hand Dyed Cocoa Buffalo

    Amazing jacket, if it was 21" ptp or so I would have snapped it up lol!
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    picked up an eastman D pocket a few months back for 300 shipped. anybody got any info on it? also, how did i do?

    It's a good buy but you are disappointed in the leather cos it has worn out a bit in some areas? What were you expecting and are you wanting it to be newish? If you want to "restore" the leather, some shampoo, maybe some dye and a good layer of conditioner will keep it going to years more.
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    Aero Unfinished Horse Hide 557XX Type III Break-In

    Happy leather is good, golden brown is a bonus lol!
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    Style for not so fit body

    I'm not that far off being that I'm 180.5cm (5'10.5"), 74.1 kg (163 lbs) and have a 90 cm (35.5')belly lol. I wouldn't say Japanese jackets will not fit well as the average Japanese man is on the slightly rounder side so a maker that knows how to fit a taller fuller Japanese man can make a...
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    FS: Johnson Leathers Cafe Racer 42

    If only it was 2" smaller in the chest... Sigh. Here's a bump for any lucky buyer!
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    IHJ-35 Cafe racer SZ 38

    That's a awesome jacket to the lucky buyer!
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    And from what he posted it's not a 40 there's no way a 40 has these measurements: 肩幅 45cm 脇下身幅 45cm 着丈 62cm 袖丈 62cm Shoulder width 45cm Armpit width 45cm Length 62cm Sleeve length 62cm
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Its a great find, if I was near 80kg I'll check it out for sure lol! I think the japanese generally aren't that used to selling 2nd stuff cos some of their descriptions are hilarious. The plus side is they do keep their gear in very good condition. It like they have this sense of pride that...
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Great find but the issue with a lot these Japanese postings is the lack of any info. "When I was 170cm and 80kg it fit fine" doesn't really help lol. Too bad he didn't post any dimensions or it'll be easier.
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    Simmons Bilt Tailgunner

    That jacket looks great on you and the stitching looks pretty spot on. SB makes great jackets no question.
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    If I was in that size I'll bin the sucker and painted dye over it lol!
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    Score cafe racer, 1970s, size modern 40

    I'm really bummed that it doesn't fit me cos of my monkey arms but this beautiful jacket deserves a good home so, here's a bump.
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    Score cafe racer, 1970s, size modern 40

    Just PM you :)
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Can someone please help me ask the seller for some measurements and pm me please as vinted doesn't let me register my mobile as Singapore isn't on their list of countries... sigh. Why didn't he post on ebay :( makes things so much easier.
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    Ask a Question, Get An Answer About Outerwear

    Anyone here knows the best way to darken or at least make a horribly pale beige leather into something a little more interesting? I got this for my gf but she didn't like the fit and found it too heavy. Fortunately it was advertised as unisex and I can sort of squeeze into it. The shoulders...

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