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  1. JacketFit08

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    That brown jacket is stunning!!!! Very nice man!
  2. JacketFit08

    Aero Hooch Hauler - Brown CXL FQHH - 2 month review

    What an amazing detailed review. Loved reading this one. It's clear you have a real love for leather jackets now and it shows. I think this leather is amazing and the detail on this jacket is awesome. Great to read your story and a great fit on this jacket. Keep em coming!
  3. JacketFit08

    What Jacket Are You Wearing Today?

    This is another great example of some quality thick leather from Vanson.
  4. JacketFit08

    Leather Pea Coats - Schott vs Cockpit?

    Thanks for posting these pics - It's great to see them. I've been looking for a leather peacoat for some time and just can't find the right pics. I'm unsure about sizing.... Do I want it fitted or to wear over a thick jumper or even a looser jacket..... Can you wear these out and about in the...
  5. JacketFit08

    Aero Premier 1930s Highwayman

    Already showing signs of nice wear. Great to hear you’re loving it. It’s a true masterpiece! Really love this jacket!
  6. JacketFit08

    Aero Premier 1930s Highwayman

    Absolute perfection! This is utter class! Squeaky ain't no problem when it looks as stunning as this!
  7. JacketFit08

    Jackets with quilted lining in body AND sleeves

    What a great jacket you have here! This is very close to what I want. Quilted lining throughout, slim fit and a thick heavy leather. Definitely loving this fit!
  8. JacketFit08

    Aero Premier Highwayman (or similar) CXL with sheepskin lining

    Hi All - you have given me what I need. Thank you! It seems the premier cuts are too slim for shearling and not the right thing to go for. I'll keep working on this for the moment. Appreciate it gents!
  9. JacketFit08

    Aero Thunder Bay for Sale Size 40 (fits like 44)

    The ThunderBay is very nice. Different to others but I think would be mighty warm for those winters.
  10. JacketFit08

    Aero Premier Highwayman (or similar) CXL with sheepskin lining

    Hi All - Looking for advice here... I know it seems a bit out there but hear me out... I'm considering a custom Aero Premier Highwayman in brown CXL steerhide with a sheepskin lining. Something to wear when its cold but still feels like leather. The prewar jackets are nice and yes, a good...
  11. JacketFit08

    Aero for cold winters

    Great looking shearling here mate. How did you go with sizing on this one? Any changes made from a regular leather jacket? Sleeve length or back length? The trick is I want something reasonably fitted, not large and boxy!
  12. JacketFit08

    Four month review - Aero Board Racer black FQHH or leather jacket romance

    Great review of the break in process. These are the types of reviews I like to read. Happy customers who enjoy the process of buying their most loved leather jackets!
  13. JacketFit08

    Aero Sheene fan thread!

    Love the Sheene so much. Aero FQHH has my heart! So to confirm, if there is a kidney panel on the back it is a Seven and if the back is one panel of leather it is based on a board racer?
  14. JacketFit08

    New Aero Premier Highwayman = Perfection

    How are you going breaking in this jacket mate? I have a board racer custom CXL FQHH and absolutely love it! I wear it 24/7 and after 6 months I’m finally getting there. I wanted tough thick leather though - and I sure got it. You won’t be disappointed!
  15. JacketFit08

    My first Aero CXFQHH - fit and a few questions

    T This jacket looks great on you. I think the fit is great and look at that shine - yes! Don’t worry about the back. Mine does that too but is softening beautifully! Aero are gold!
  16. JacketFit08

    Fine Creek Leathers - Eric

    You raise a good point. I’d be keen to know the difference between 1.3mm and 2mm if anyone has these. I’m second guessing needing it now though...
  17. JacketFit08

    Fine Creek Leathers - Eric

    I’m probably after something different more or less. 2mm is thick yes, but I prefer thicker leathers. 1.3 is ok, but if there is something around that is thicker these certainly catch my eye and are preferable. I’ve not had a super thick jacket yet but it’s something that interests me.
  18. JacketFit08

    Fine Creek Leathers - Eric

    I’m so glad I posted on here. Thank you for the pointers! I would love 2mm but it seems this is not the jacket for me...
  19. JacketFit08

    Fine Creek Leathers - Eric

    Now that is something I saw some comments on. Thanks for clarifying what you’ve seen out there.
  20. JacketFit08

    Fine Creek Leathers - Eric

    Hi All, HNY and here’s to a stronger 2021. I’m thinking about getting an FC Eric as my next jacket. Love the idea of the thick 2mm HH. Any advice or tips from those who have previously purchased? This will be my first from FC so new to the brand. Any info appreciated. Thanks everyone

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