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    Classic Casual Jackets every man should own . . .

    Other Jackets Lets not forget: Navy Deck Jacket Harrington G9 Jacket
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    "Bridgeman Boots" Question

    Bridge man Boots OK, now that many of you have seen the picture of the boots I was asking about, has anyone seen a pair of these (or similar) for sale anywhere????
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    "Bridgeman Boots" Question

    My mistage on the website, I thought at first this was a Japanese Reproduction company when in fact it's a web-site for collecting originals. My BAD, oops... Well, at least now I can start searching for a pair of Oyster Co. Lineman boots. Sad thing, during college a friend of mine worked in...
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    "Bridgeman Boots" Question

    Nope but you figure'd it out for me All the Wescos are high, these were only ankle high but..... you said the magic word, "LINEMAN". Google image'd lineman and found a photo of 'em. Now the real problem, they're Japanese reporductions and we all know what that means...
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    "Bridgeman Boots" Question

    Not them but thanks... No, not those... I checked out tte originals "waffle stomper" and they appear to be typical hiking boots. Bridgeman's were not insulated but did lace down to the toe like those hickers.
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    "Bridgeman Boots" Question

    As a teenager back in the mid-70's (in NJ) there was a popular shoe that was referred to as "Bridgeman Boots" (when most shoes were still made in the USA). The name wasn't a brand but a style. The boot were ankle high with a treadless sole, low heel, and laced down to almost where your big toe...
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    WWII Aviator Sunglasses

    Willsonite Sunglasses Willsonite made sunglasses for the USN during WWII. Have seen photos of USAAF personnel wearing them too. They had green lenses and acetate/celluliod frames. I picked up a pair on Ebay a few months back. Every now and then you can run across a pair of them on Ebay. I...
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    James Dean Jacket

    Aero Leather Ricky Jacket Got the AeroLeather red Ricky Jacket over the weekend. It's a good stand in for the Dean jacket but not an exact match (it was not intended to be). It is however, a wonderful repro of the 50's ricky. Excellent quality, great fit, looks very sharp, the jacket rocks...
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    Desert War

    Desert Air Force At War I've got a copy of Desert Air Force At War. Great photos of pilot and airman uniforms in North Africa. The book also describes the lack of standardized clothing among the men of the desert air force. Quite interesting reading and wonderful reference photos. You can...
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    James Dean Jacket

    I wound up getting a good deal from Will at Aero for a red rickey jacket. It appears to meet the criteria in every way. I let you know how it looks when I get it..... Robert C
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    McGregor Drizzler or Baracuta G-9...

    Harrington vs Baracuta G9 Is the Harrington jacket the same as the Baracuta G9? I just bought a Harrington in wine red on Ebay and am waiting for it to arrive. It appears to be the same jacket with the same plaid lining. Robert C
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    James Dean Jacket

    Can anyone recommend a jacket that is similar to the "famous" James Dean red windbreaker. So far my seach has been unsuccessful....
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    Trench Coat - the 'Ultimate' Thread!

    What Payment Method What payment method did you use? (credit card, paypal, or check)????? Just curious.... Rob
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    What do you do for Living?

    Serial killer, drug abuser, psychotic....
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    Feet Up! The Work Boot Thread

    I was able to bag a pair of late 1940's/early 50's Thorogood workboots on Ebay. They were deadstock and are basically brand new. Look very much like WWII issue ankle high dress shoes, except these have cork soles. I normally take an 8E or 8 1/2E, this pair is 8D yet they're only slightly firm...
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    Rare But Too Expensive

    Found this item on Monstervintage. This is the only time I've ever seen one for sale... Pretty cool and VERY different.... Robert C http://www.monstervintage.com/Vintage_Clothing/Mens/Militarywear/Vintage+Militarywear+Jackets/Rare1950_s_Identifying_Crewman_Medium_7636.html
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    Bridgeman Boots

    Does anyone remember "bridgeman boots" from the 1950's -> 1970's. The boots were ankle high, usually rough leather, with smooth soles. The lacing on these boots started just above the toes. I remember having several pair of these in the mid and late 70's when I was in high school. I had seen...
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    Be Aware Of Phoney Poster

    Try this link http://cornellsurgery.com/v-web/bulletin/bb/viewtopic.php?p=12849#12849
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    Be Aware Of Phoney Poster

    Modertors Notified Yes, moderators were notified. If you want a laugh, read this guys stuff... Rob
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    Be Aware Of Phoney Poster

    I rec'd a bunch of private msgs from a "new" member over at the vintage flight jacket forum. They were in reference to my LW problem, and the msgs were abusive and vulgar. Some of the content is posted there if you care to look. Obviously someone who doesn't have the guts to use his real name...

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