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  1. C.M. Albrecht

    What Are You Reading

    Years ago, before the movie appeared, I read First Blood by David Morrell and really liked it. Now, lo! these many years later I got my hands on a copy of The Protector. I thought this would be great, but I was disappointed. It has its good points and its bad points. The good was a decent story...
  2. C.M. Albrecht

    Comment by 'C.M. Albrecht' in article 'The Book is Better: Crime Novels of the 1930s.'

    I write promotional articles for Palermo, Sicily at https://wearepalermo.com - there I'm Don Tano Bongiorno your unofficial host and guide to "the most conquered city in the world". When I'm not doing that, I write semi-hard-boiled mysteries under my real name, C. M. Albrecht. If you don diving...
  3. C.M. Albrecht

    French Cuff Puzzle

    I recently decided to get a little more dressy now and anon, and have four dress shirts (two white for funerals and weddings) with French Cuffs. Three have the double holes on the inside arms, and my best guess so far is that this brings the inner part of the cuff higher, accentuating the outer...
  4. C.M. Albrecht

    What hat are you waiting for today?

    I'm not sure this is the right spot for my comments, but...I've bought new hats and old hats. I got a panama and a felt from Stetson, and the panama was a disaster from the start. Stiff with a goopy cloth sweatband, it quickly developed a crack at the top front (and I know better than to grab...
  5. C.M. Albrecht

    Cowboy hats losing their cool?

    I'm not a cowboy, although I've spent my time with horses in the past. I like them and they like me. And one day at a flea market, I came across an old Stetson Western hat. Nominally black, it was so dusty and dingy I really hesitated at paying $20 for it. But I took it home, carefully washed it...
  6. C.M. Albrecht

    1920s/early 30s fedoras

    Fedoras and Trilbys I hope this doesn't offend any he-men out there, but originally, the fedora was a hat worn on the stage by a woman named Fedora, hence the name. I think it looked pretty much like today's fedora, some sort of crease on top with dents in front and a medium brim. On the other...
  7. C.M. Albrecht

    1920s/early 30s fedoras

    Great hat!
  8. C.M. Albrecht

    1920s/early 30s fedoras

    That snap brim looks almost exactly like the Dobbs Twenty I was lucky enough to get (with very clean original box) for $25.00 in a thrift shop. Near new condition in long oval and fits as if custom made. Yours shows more of a velour surface, but otherwise its a match. Of course I know mine...
  9. C.M. Albrecht

    Akubra Stylemaster

    I love the stylemaster I recently received. Looks like overall good quality and the service, etc. was very good from Everything Australian. I'd post a photo, but haven't had any luck doing that. I'm better at wearing hats than doing technical stuff. Hey, I can't even use my cell phone. I only...
  10. C.M. Albrecht

    Akubra Stylemaster

    I received my hat in very short order. I think it has a lot to do with how long the thing sits in customs over which not even God has any control. I had a worse experience. I ordered a panama from Ecuador and in customs they cut the box open to inspect it, and in doing so, slashed the top of...
  11. C.M. Albrecht

    Akubra Stylemaster

    New Akubra Recently I bought an Akubra Stylemaster hat from Everything Australian. Couldn't be happier. The box was solid, I received my hat very quickly...and best of all, the price was right. It looks good, feels good, and is reminiscent of the hats Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade wore in the...
  12. C.M. Albrecht

    Lee Hats

    I have a beautiful beaver fedora labeled Towncraft, but somewhere along the line, I heard Penney got a lot of hats, if not all, from Lee. This is very well made with a true felted edge — even Optimo doesn't offer that. Evidently it's a lost art. I'm not sure, but I'm sure that in the good old...
  13. C.M. Albrecht

    The horror! The horror!

    I have a feeling some misguided girl cut that out she she could wear the hat with her ponytail. It might just work too, but hard on the hat.
  14. C.M. Albrecht

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Toilet Paper and Guild Edges Heh heh, you asked for it. In my dark novel, „The Little Mornings", we provide the definitive answer to the toilet paper question. #Amazon (Cambridge Books). Obviously, a 1.5" sweatband costs less than a 2-incher. All my old hats have a nice wide sweatband, and I...
  15. C.M. Albrecht

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Dress to Impress This is a little late for the gathering, which I see was 2009, but I think the suit with a brown hat and brown shoes would look perfect. I used to think one had to wear black hat and shoes with dark blue or black, but I've since learned that some of the best-dressed people in...
  16. C.M. Albrecht

    Anybody know about this Stetson?

    That lining is the legendary horse drinking from the cowboy's Stetson. I have a similar hat that came from the Boot Barn at some point. When I bought it at a flea market I had serious doubts because it really looked bad. However, after a wash and a good brushing it came back a nice clean black...
  17. C.M. Albrecht

    Stetson Fedora Hat

    I think Mr. Douglas on Greenacres favored something like that, and the time period seems about right.
  18. C.M. Albrecht

    Akubra Overload

    I just yesterday received my Stylemaster by Akubra. Although it's my size, I find it the least tad looser than I like, but I think that'll come around. Quality looks good, inside and out and it feels good. My wife first spotted a little magazine ad by David Morgan but his price was $165 plus...
  19. C.M. Albrecht

    Akubra Overload

    I just bought an Akubra Stylemaster. Actually my wife spotted the little David Morgan ad in a magazine and showed it to me. $165 plus shipping. I went on line and got it from Everything Australian for considerable less. I expect it tomorrow and everyone says good things about Akubra. Even...
  20. C.M. Albrecht

    Borsalino Bankrupt?

    I meant to say that I got hold of a used Borsalino fedora a couple of years ago too. Don't know how old it is, but I love it. Excellent quality and very soft. I found it right here in the classifieds.

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