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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Buff, please just tell her I’m dead.
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    First bit of happiness in recent memory and Barry had to walk under that ladder…
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    The Era -- Day By Day

    Now Barry has two things to celebrate.
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    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    Cool jacket and a great fit Jaymig!
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    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    Are the new sizes simply off in the way that the 118 vs. 618 are or have they made changes to the actual cut of the jacket? I love my Schotts, but in a perfect world they’d have a little more drop to the bottom hem. I wish they’d take one of the Perfecto models and give it an old school V cut...
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    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    Thanks for the update Aloysius! I’m going to be down in New Haven Connecticut at the beginning of next week and may attempt a swing over to Schott. I wish their premier party for The Motorcyle Riders movie was Monday instead of Tuesday night. If I make it over, I’ll comment my thoughts on the...
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    Personalizing a jacket - patches and pins

    Sold the 42 and kept the 44…it’s perfect! I appreciate the offer but I’m not sure if I could bring myself to attack a brand new one lol.
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    Personalizing a jacket - patches and pins

    As a Perfecto wearing, Triumph riding old rocker, I really like the look of a well decorated jacket. I’m not going to sacrifice my 613sh, but have been looking for a good older 613 or 618 for the project. I’ve collected a good selection of patches, studs and pins! I don’t think my current sewing...
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    Please opinion on this leather jacket fit

    I think with a little tone up around the middle, your jacket would fit perfect. Nothing like a slightly snug new leather to help renew your fitness goals. I really like the 642 and 643 patterns and prefer the look of the silver hardware over the bronze on the 689. I’m wearing a 44 in most...
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    Vehicles owned by Outerwear members?

    I’ve always liked the Triumph and Perfecto combo.
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    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    My size 44 jacket is probably about a year old. I do wear it riding a motorcycle so it may get a little extra work in the shoulders and arms. The bicep measurement that I gave of at least 16 inches was done on the outside of the jacket (across the bicep part of the sleeve x2). Perhaps Jerri’s...
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    Hidden in Plain Schott: the 613SH Perfecto

    Of all the Schott jackets that I’ve had, the 613sh has the best sleeves! Plenty of length, trim fit that kind of shows off the guns without being weirdly tight. Maybe 16-16.5 inches at the bicep on a size 44 if I’m measuring correctly.
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    618HH Fit Check

    I think it looks great. How is it totally zipped up?
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    Five Bucos

    This thread should almost be required viewing!
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    Hooked on jackets? Why?

    I’m currently over my personal jacket limit and conditioning the one that came yesterday…
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    So when trying to identify the good Japanese-market Schott stuff, we’re still looking for a Made in U.S.A. tag?
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    Finds and Deals - Leather Jacket Edition

    Schott masterpiece from Japan. Wish there were measurement pics. They’re listed but seem pretty small. 20.2 P2P? https://www.ebay.com/itm/126324394179?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=aa3u8u0ir3w&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=mDpW-8bNROS&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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    Double rider for non-motorcyclists - yay or nay? Which is your favorite?

    The crosszip is timeless and has worked in every decade since its inception. Everyone from the 1950’s rockers to the punks, metalheads, bikers etc. has looked cool wearing one. It’s the king of the leather jackets. No need to overthink this one. Just get the Schott model that suits your needs...
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    Riding gear enablers!

    Shoei RF 1400 helmet Schott 613sh (and others) Schott Perfecto vest jeans TCX leather hightop riding sneakers Churchill gloves looking for a good pair of black leather pants
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    Old school Esprit cafe racer tagged 44 but slim $125 eBay

    I don‘t really cross post on here but thought I’d share this one because it‘s inexpensive and kind of cool. Tagged 44 but unfortunately a little too snug. I have to stop buying these jackets lol. Anyway, here’s the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/335231898688

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