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    Face Powder Face Off

    Physcian's formula, Colorescience, and Jane Iredale have powder spfs. You can layer your foundation above/below it.
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    Vintage Manicures

    Great job Miss Slapstick
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    Toiletries of the Golden Era

    lframe, does she have samples of vintage perfumes?
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    Working Out Killing My Hourglass Physique

    god that was funny :D I want to be an hourglass too!- that is all
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    Favorite Vintage Perfumes

    Thanks ladies and gents for the advice. They're so many to try but I'm afraid they'll smell awful. Wish I could try them out in a fragrance store. My current perfume is nice but not vintage. Miss Slapstick your vintage perfume collection looks lovely. I'm really hoping to find one, that...
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    make up frustration

    "I wish I could find one make-up brand that not only had great products but also just fitted with my personality and my love of vintage." I'm in the same boat Pegasus , add a vegan qualifier and I would never have makeup :(
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    Toiletries of the Golden Era

    Agree, on the dollar/discount store finds. There are always a few oldies to snatch up. I completely forgot Bronners is a vintage find; I have loads of there items. (All Natural too!) Vermont country store is always a good place to look for a gem. Some ladies mentioned not being able to find...
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    BEWARE~the mascara wrinkle!

    Holy smokes, didn't realize that! Now, I notice all the ridiculous faces I make:D
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    Vintage Makeup Favorites

    Thanks for all the advice! Hopefully, when I find some great products I can post them here too!
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    What makeup are you wearing today?

    Lol Stray Cat I don't know why I did so much with my eyes today since I'm wearing my glasses, but oh well! "There can never be too much makeup on woman's eyes. " Unfortunately, no makeup today;I'm ill:(
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    What makeup are you wearing today?

    Awesome. Wonder if I could pull off blue shadow?:confused:
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    What makeup are you wearing today?

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    What makeup are you wearing today?

    Sounds lovely to me Carmine:o
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    Vintage Lipsticks, etc.?

    This site sells Tangee a few lipsticks and some vintage perfumes. http://www.vermontcountrystore.com/store/jump/Health_&_Beauty/Bath_&_Body/Make-up/cat660021
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    Besame 1930s Mascara

    Any thoughts/ reviews on it? Love the packaging
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    Best Mascara (for vintage looks)?

    I think they have it back now. I don't know for how long though. http://www.besamecosmetics.com/products.cfm/Mascara1930s/pID-17 I'm thinking of getting it. Wish their were more reviews[huh] *sighs
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    Secret Weapons

    Hepkitty: "don't feel the need to show cleavage. Guys stare enough and need to be slapped enough as it is " :D haha! You Ladies all have great Secret Weapons. Nails,Lipstick,Liner,Lingerie, Piercings,Perfume, Heels, Besame makeup...they're all great. Mmm, I'm pretty plain so I'd have to go...
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    What rouge do you use?

    What rouge do you use? Do you use rouge or blush? Blush What brand/shade? Peach,preferably matte. LH blush that came in the Olive kit. Looks ugly in the pan, but gorgeous once applied. When do you apply it? After everything else How do you apply it? Brush Where do you apply...
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    Vintage eyebrow shapes

    Love thin brows Rita's brows are my fave http://farm8.static.flickr.com/7014/6690824347_b490dcd8ae.jpg But sadly mine have to be thick. [huh]:(
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    What powder, foundation..

    Colorescience spf, a sad concealer kit :D, Besame compact powder

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