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    Bias reed tape for making sweatbands

    The picture in your post is my machine. I have rolls of the reeding tape I no longer use. Call Rocky Mountain Hat Company.
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    RIP Master Hatter, Alexander Conley

    Just saw this older thread, adding my respect to Mr. Conley. Rest in peace Mr. Conley and my condolences to his family. I was fortunate to have spent an afternoon with Mr. Conley discussing hats some years ago, what a fine gentleman and very creative with his hat styles and colors. McCoy, it...
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    RIP John Morris Sr.-Rocky Mountain Hat Company

    On September 28, 2016 my father, best friend, business partner and mentor passed away. For those of you have been here awhile you may remember some of my earlier postings here on the Lounge. Dad Obit-7465 by john morris, on Flickr PhotoGrid_1476218352626 by john morris, on Flickr Dad 2-4575...
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    Hatmaking Equipment for sale

    Mike-give me a shout when you return. Thanks!
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    Hatmaking Equipment for sale

    Was just contacted by the owner of this equipment and it is still for sale. This gentleman is 86 years old and has been in the business his whole life. Located in St. Jo, Missouri. From what I can gather he has quite a bit of equipment and is only interested in selling it all to one buyer and is...
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    Hatmaking Equipment for sale

    Potential buyers have been found. Thanks.
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    FS: Conformateur and Formillion

    Price reduced-$2200 for both pieces.
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    FS: Conformateur and Formillion

    For Sale Allie Maillard Conformateur and Formillion 100% intact Price $2800
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    Western, anyone?

    Here are a few of Buck's hats ready for some renovation work. These are all 100% beaver, the center one is probably your screen grab above.
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    Western, anyone?

    A Cowboy's hats.
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    Western, anyone?

    Nice to finally see one of our hats on the FL.:)
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    Ecuador Bound! Hat advice desired.

    Just back from Ecuador. If I was seriously going on a hat search you've got to go to the source which it sounds like you are not. Cuenca is not too far from Riobamba if you can swing it. Lots of factories and hat shops there. Also Sigsig ( 1 hour bus ride from Cuenca) has 2 women's hat...

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