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  1. Tatum

    Show us your hair do's....

    Wow, everyone's hair looks great! I need to stop slacking.... ;)
  2. Tatum

    Makeup w/ good Coverage for Acne

    Sheep, you need one of the foundation powders, the veil then goes over that. I can tell you, as a girl with rosacea, Bare Minerals rocks. It's expensive but the coverage is amazing. I just can't wear it for more than a few days or it gives me flare ups. I wear it for about five days, then switch...
  3. Tatum

    Round 3 Beauty Box sign-Up Thread! Deadline: August 17

    I'm going to wait to commit...I'm not sure if I have enough goodies lying around to contribute this time!
  4. Tatum

    Using vintage style to express your personality

    I wear it because it makes me feel prettier. More attractive. Without showing a lot of skin. Sometimes I don't love the attention, but usually it is so positive. If I am having a bad day but look great, a stranger telling me how delightful I look turns my mood right around. I don't always go...
  5. Tatum

    Sculpture Pin Curler

    If it is the price that scares you, try one of these.... http://www.sallybeauty.com/curl-brush/SBS-446001,default,pd.html Very similar gadget, and much more affordable!
  6. Tatum

    As if we didn't chat about pin curls enough. . .

    Penny, I'm glad to hear you had some success!
  7. Tatum

    Show us your hair do's....

    That's gorgeous, Tenuki! Nice job.
  8. Tatum

    Show us your hair do's....

    Thanks! I haven't done a tutorial in a while, I'll see if I can find the time. It might be a few weeks :P Oh, and GHT, I think you guys look just fantastic. If that's growing old disgracefully, that's what I want to do!! :)
  9. Tatum

    Reconstructing Suzy Homemaker

    Idledame, I loved reading about your memories growing up! They were so vividly written and gave me a great visual in my head. :) As far as eating out goes, even my family didn't do it much (reference: HS class of '96 here). We were upper middle class, but most of the disposable income went to...
  10. Tatum

    Is the powder room dying on it's feet.

    I've always wondered why people get angry about that, threads get merged so that all the info on one topic is in the same place, which makes it easier to get to and access. I've done much more lurking myself, for the reasons that FWG stated (summer) and also that I don't need so much guidance...
  11. Tatum

    As if we didn't chat about pin curls enough. . .

    Penny, just to clarify.... Your curls aren't holding? From your post it sounds like you are taking out your pincurls and still have straight hair, is that right? Are you using any kind of setting lotion, or just water? What type of hair do you have? Clean, freshly washed hair or dirty? Sorry...
  12. Tatum

    Show us your hair do's....

    Okay, here is my (lazy) interpretation of Retro Gi Jane's 'do!
  13. Tatum

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Yes it is!
  14. Tatum

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Hiding. Had a busy spring with work then got in a nasty car accident... Haven't felt vintage much. I can't set my hair because I can't sleep on it without dorking up my neck. So, I've had to get half decent with heated tools, which I scoffed at for years (mostly because I don't want the damage)...
  15. Tatum

    What's your favorite Pomade?

    Got2Be Defiant. Cheap, you can get it at CVS or Walgreens, it holds nicely and adds serious shine. As much as I want to try the Layrite, it's pricier, and I've used and loved Defiant for years.
  16. Tatum

    Show us your hair do's....

    I would LOVE to see a tutorial on this! Please? :D Hi SheBear! I'm tickled to see your hair all perfect all the time (and the stuff you've posted on the Made thread, good lord girl.). My length and the humidity are not cooperating with me!
  17. Tatum

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    The hubby just picked up a whole box of vintage ones for me while on a trip. They are beat but so cute, i guess they were well loved! I plan to frame them between glass panes and display them in my dressing room! I'll have to snap a pic.
  18. Tatum

    What makeup are you wearing today?

    Ah shoot, I posted so I better be on topic! Mac Studio Fix Creme Brûlée shadow Mac Fluidline eyeliner I forget what mascara.... Mac lip liner (the shade has worn off) Makeup Forever Moulin Rouge lippy (it was a birthday gift and is my new fave)
  19. Tatum

    What makeup are you wearing today?

    Dixie, have you tried Bare Minerals? It dries me out and gives me flakes if I use it for more than a week but the coverage is fantastic, and it doesn't make me flare up. It also looks infinitely more natural in photos than anything else I've used. I just alternate it with Mac every three days or...
  20. Tatum

    Show us your hair do's....

    I'm going to duck my head in for just a moment to apologize for the crappy phone pic and my lack of posting but this one came out so nicely. I haven't been setting my hair much lately and for it to look this good made my day!

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