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  1. Old School QD

    Freemasons seeing a spike in new membership

    Interesting. I've always been curious about freemasonery, but being an atheist, I didn't think that I'd ever have a chance at membership. I hadn't heard of the GOdF, but now I have something to investigate. Thanks to the poster who brought that up.
  2. Old School QD

    Beloved Comic Books--The Uncanny X-Men

    I had a couple periods of intense comic collecting as well. I'm a Marvel guy who read a lot of Amazing Spiderman, Punisher, Wolverine and X-Men. My first period was during high school in the late 1980's / early 1990's when Todd McFarlane began drawing ASM at issue #298 and I've got that entire...
  3. Old School QD

    What do you do for Living?

    I'm a forensic document examiner for a federal government body and testify as an expert witness in court. I examine not only handwriting, but anything used to compose a document, from the paper to the ink, seals, and staples used upon it. I've been involved in the smallest of cases (forged...
  4. Old School QD

    Esquire Magazine

    I think that item #3 on the list might actually be good news to the FL people.
  5. Old School QD

    If I Wasn't Vintage, I'd be...

    That's where I was at one point in late high school / university. I didn't dress the part so much, but that's my CD collection, and I went to all the concerts. Tim
  6. Old School QD

    Let's See Your Vintage Inspired Office!

    What a most excellent discussion topic. I am currently amassing the items I need to put together my own vintage home office. I've been scanning the local used ads for old wooden desks and chairs. I've already got the 1920's Underwood No. 4 typewriter, but I need more. Great photos everybody, and...
  7. Old School QD

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Last night? My first taste of Remy Martin, and it was so good, I think I'll have some more tonight.
  8. Old School QD

    "A Scent of History"

    My grandparents house in Kirkland Lake, Ontario had a nice smell in the 1980's. Sometimes I run across the same smell and am reminded of their old living room. Check off another lover of pipe tobacco. I have a bag sitting in the drawer of my desk right now. I don't smoke it, but bought it...
  9. Old School QD

    New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

    Psst, look over here: http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?t=6422&page=29
  10. Old School QD

    favorite cars of the golden era

    Since Mr. H. brought it up, here's another 1941 Buick. It was my friend's car that was loaned to us for our wedding. I used to shine and show this car (one of 4 Buicks he owned in a larger collection) while a teenager in the 1990's. I believe it was the General Eisenhower edition. The brakes...
  11. Old School QD


    I got to see an Enigma machine in person a couple years ago on November 11, Remebrance Day. The annual ceremony I attended was at Intrepid Park, Whitby, Ontario, Canada which is named after The Man Called Intrepid and located upon the grounds of Camp X, the first espionage training centre in...
  12. Old School QD

    Is anyone else on their death bed? The Flu Thread.

    I've been battling death for the past 8 days now. I thought it was a bad cold, but reading this thread I now wonder if it wasn't the flu. It started with fatigue which I thought was just a lack of sleep. The weekend was shot and I took a couple sick days from work. The body temp swings are over...
  13. Old School QD

    Remember these cash/receipt tubes in stores?

    I noticed that the local Zellers department store in the mall near my home still has a pneumatic tube system. They're the coolest things. Don't know if it's still in use though.
  14. Old School QD

    Need ideas for hidden switches.

    Ah, the burgundy chair. Yes, I have one of those, albeit a modern version. I puchased mine new from Sklar-Pepplar near Toronto. It has a classic feel to it and reclines, but there is not built-in footrest. The back tilts and the seat slides, but there is a separate, matching leather footstool...
  15. Old School QD

    What are your favorite mystery or espionage novels?

    Might I suggest Monstrum, by Donald James. It isn't set in the past, rather near-future Russia, but as I read it I got an old-time vibe from it and it's a decent story.
  16. Old School QD

    Need ideas for hidden switches.

    Nice little office, with or without the hidden alcove. I really like the desk and have been looking for a similar one for myself. I think you need an oak filing cabinet somewhere.
  17. Old School QD

    Scouting anyone?

    I couldn't agree more. Sure we had fights in our high school (early 1990's), but the ubiquitous pocket knife was never used. It was a tool as you say. I've been thinking I should start carrying one again. Tim
  18. Old School QD

    Scouting anyone?

    I took part in scouting for 7 years, starting with Beavers, then Wolf Cub, then Boy Scouts (Canadian scouting levels). I also tagged along on a couple Ventures events afterwards, but was not a member at the time. At one point there were only 3 courts in my troop, but at the best there were 15...
  19. Old School QD

    New Ladies and Gents Step Forward

    Hello all. I found this forum recently, how, I'm not sure. I'm a 34 year old professional in Ottawa, Canada who's always had a taste for the classic. I have an interest in antique office equipment and decor, classic architecture (from gothic to art deco), snappy dressing, and I just bought my...

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