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  1. docneg

    The wrist watch.

    I use a 1939 Gruen Curvex and alternately a 1940 Bulova tank watch (the Bulova insides are 1941, though).
  2. docneg

    Kiss the Blood Off My Hands outfit help?

    Agreed. Although a slate gray would work nicely if found. One tip: In order to not be disappointed, be sure to look like Burt.
  3. docneg

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Luksusowa potato vodka, on the rocks. My go-to for the last year or so.
  4. docneg

    Review: The Ultimate Performance Suit from Charles Tyrwhitt

    No embarrassment here. Take heart in the fact that if a lady gets close enough to see your fuzzies, you've already won her over!
  5. docneg

    Literature that transports you to the Golden Era

    I read all the paperback reprints of The Shadow pulp novels that Bantam (and later Pyramid) were re-issuing back in the '70s. Even though they were just throwaway novelettes, and have none of the descriptive richness of Faulkner, Hemingway, and the rest of that league, they still capture that...
  6. docneg

    Cooking Golden Era recipes

    I inherited the sole cookbook that was in my family's kitchen when I was growing up, the 1943 edition of the American Woman's Cookbook. I have found that the recipes are very simple and workable for me (I'm not the most accomplished cook), probably due to wartime shortages. One thing I...
  7. docneg

    Do women hate men's hats?

  8. docneg

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    "Never dirty, always clean In giving thrills, never mean And it's the best I've ever seen, It's my girl's pussy!" It never fails to make me guffaw. Harry Roy actually married Swedish royalty, if you can imagine that. Surely there must be a duchess out there for me.
  9. docneg

    The Indiana Jones jacket. Much hype, little substance?

    I’ll tell you something funny that happened last Halloween. There’s an annual party I go to but I hadn’t been feeling well that week and didn’t plan to attend. My friends came over in their costumes and coaxed me to go along. They said, “You don’t have to have a costume, just come with us.”...
  10. docneg

    Your "perfect" films

    Miss Golightly, I protest! Having lived in Japan, you might think I would agree with you, but my Japanese wife was very entertained by Rooney's performance and didn't feel it was racist at all. She thought he was spot-on with the accent, too. There is someone in every ethnic group who is a...
  11. docneg

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    While there certainly was a lot of hucksterism going on, Lizzie, this isn't a bona fide example. An expectorant (causes you to cough and clear debris) and a mucolytic (generates mucus secretion) both have a role in getting the body to expel agents of disease. Whether that is caused by...
  12. docneg

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    Bravo, Lizzie! This needs to be put on billboards.
  13. docneg

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    I love your sense of humor.
  14. docneg

    Deco Deliveries

    Well, youngster, on a "real" American bike, you pedal backwards to brake.
  15. docneg

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    One of my favorite 78 rpm records I played as a kid was Phil Harris singing "Jelly Bean". "He's a drug store cutie, a sidewalk beauty, they call him 'Jelly Bean'."
  16. docneg

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    I've heard this phrase all my life in the US of A. Can anyone confirm that it is of British origin?
  17. docneg

    If you said you looked like one celebrity from the Golden Era...

    Not sure anyone in the golden era was that cute!
  18. docneg

    What are you wearing today??

    Those clothes never looked more right on anyone. You look 100% genuine. A tip o' the hat to you!
  19. docneg

    Terms Which Have Disappeared

    Nicely put.
  20. docneg

    If you said you looked like one celebrity from the Golden Era...

    Ray Milland, hell! You look like me!

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