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    Fountainhead Delta Brown Shinki 44

    Bump and reduced to $695 shipped
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    Fountainhead Delta Brown Shinki 44

    Catch & release. Purchased from the bay, its a great jacket but I was never into cross zips with belt, and this one hasn't been able to change that bias Ships from Sunnyvale, CA Brown teacore Shinki Horsehide Nylon quilted orange lining D-pocket with zip closure Two hand-warmer pockets...
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    Addict Clothes Ad-01 Brown Horsehide Size 42

    Catch & release. As expected, the jacket is too tight on me at the chest. Jacket is in excellent condition Measurements - Shoulders 18 Chest 22 Length measured from under the collar 26 1/2 Sleeve length straight 25 Measurements as per Addict Leathers website (attached picture and link) -...
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    Absolutely agree! CXL FQHH is all about creases & folds. And unless folded when wet, any 'wrong looking' folds will even out pretty quickly with wear
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    Field Leathers

    I have the full aniline and 2 jackets in his teacore, and the teacore shinki is by far my favorite leather. Even better than my original love - mid weight CXL. I am not sure how the teacore will stand the test of elements though - I hardly expose my jacket to water. The teacore has been great...
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    Rare Schott Horween 628US 42(23 P2P)

    Hi, no alteration has been done. Sleeve length is not short on wearing. Sharing a fit picture, I usually wear jackets with 25 inch sleeves
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    Rare Schott Horween 628US 42(23 P2P)

    Extremely rare, especially in this size. Purchased from the lounge, and this jacket is very close to D pocket perfection for me (other than the back length) Hence reluctantly stuck with it hoping that the back length will grow on me. Unfortunately after getting the FL cross zip in black...
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    New Aero Speedway in Horween CXL FQHH P2P 23

    Speedway in CXL FQHH is a rare combination. Aero usually doesn't offer CXL option for the Speedway (they offer relatively lighter weight leathers). Made by July Leitch in 'thinner' and much more pliable CXL FQHH(also looks to be fading faster than my previous experience with CXL - most likely...
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    One Leather Jacket to keep rest of your life?

    I am far from a single jacket myself, but if forced to part with my other leather jackets, the Fields Leather Car Coat in pigment Shinki would be the one I'd retain Not a great picture but this is the jacket I grab more than anything else in my wardrobe
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    2023 Schott x Horween collab P677

    My experience with CXL steerhide has been that it breaks in much faster & gets really pliable compared to horsehide which needs a lot of time and effort to break in. And I really appreciate this feature of the steerhide. But at the same time, I have found the steerhide to be heavier and thicker...
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    2023 Schott x Horween collab P677

    https://www.schottnyc.com/products/chrome-excel-steerhide-mc-jacket-with-full-removable-belt.htm?color=6&catID=21 Looks to be the sole CXL effort by Schott this year. Color looks fantastic, and the removable belt is a good feature to have. But the price and split back are bummers Personally...

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