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  1. jitterbugdoll

    Besame cosmetics

    I picked up the Wild Orchid shade and it is lovely deep purplish pink on me--what a shame it has been discontinued!
  2. jitterbugdoll

    Are You Brave Enough to Share Your Prom Photos?

    I didn't go to prom—I was pretty shy in high school. Lolita, when that movie came out, everyone took to calling my good friend and I “Romy and Michelle,” as we looked a bit like them. How funny that you and your friend went as that pair to prom. :)
  3. jitterbugdoll

    Shear Genius - Period Hair

    I watched this yesterday and I agree with you--some of the styles that the judges thought were 'period perfect' were pretty lackluster to me. In particular, the 1940s interpretation was pretty bad (and certainly not helped by her outfit), and I thought the 1920s style looked very messy and...
  4. jitterbugdoll

    What are you wearing today??

    1940s cream rayon blouse with orange-red, blue, and taupe novelty print of deer leaping though the forest 1940s blue linen high-waisted suspender skirt 1940s rust leather and cream mesh heels Carved celluloid earrings Hair in double rolls with a gardenia behind one ear
  5. jitterbugdoll

    Besame cosmetics

    Shearer, that color actually looks very nice on you. It matches your dress perfectly, too. :) And Bella, I accidentally swept up some Black Pearl eye shadow along with the blush just the other day, and then had a time of it getting the black smudge of my cheek. lol
  6. jitterbugdoll

    Goldleaf's Great News...and some buying advice!

    Congratulations, GoldLeaf! I suggest looking for some vintage maternity wear or patterns instead of purchasing the items you are eyeing. The nice thing about 1930s-40s maternity clothing is that is was designed to grow with you, and many styles do not look like maternity clothing at all...
  7. jitterbugdoll

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Thank you! I was really excited to find this one. :)
  8. jitterbugdoll

    Flowers everyone!

    Lovely flowers, ladies! And what a great way to store them, Babydoll. I think I am going to make use of that idea. :) Here are some of my hair flowers: Spring cherries, too;):
  9. jitterbugdoll

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    I am, Bella. But I think this little number will be sure to fit! ;) By the way, Daisy, we can never have too many black dresses in our closets, can we. ;)
  10. jitterbugdoll

    What do you think of these?

    Now, now ladies! ;)lol Though I do believe that we wear the same size shoe, Lolita. Maybe I should lock those shoes up...lol Thora, I love the second pair as well. Those are super cute!
  11. jitterbugdoll

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Loving the new purchases, ladies! I picked up this celluloid mah jong necklace today:
  12. jitterbugdoll

    What are you wearing today??

    1940s navy blue rayon crepe dress with yellow, white, and kelly green daisy print Woven yellow belt Fully fashioned nude stockings 1940s kelly green suede platforms Yellow flower earrings Hair in double rolls with a sunflower accent
  13. jitterbugdoll

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Love the knit dresses, Daisy! As for Port Halcyon, I believe their store has connections with a New York shop. I know the girl who was helping with it works with a posh store there; the prices are supposed to be higher in that area (just like in CA). I'd say there are a number of online...
  14. jitterbugdoll

    What are you wearing today??

    1940s pink crepe dress with black novelty print of city scenes Narrow black belt Nude fully fashioned stockings Black peep toe pumps Black flower earrings Hair in double rolls with a pink rose accent
  15. jitterbugdoll

    Stockings In The Summer?

    I think I just prefer a shoe with a little more heel; espadrilles are an adorable option. :) Sunny, I see exactly what you mean. How interesting!
  16. jitterbugdoll

    Pattern swap starts here!!

    This is absolutely lovely--I'm glad you shared it. :)
  17. jitterbugdoll

    LADIES of the LOUNGE

    Thank you, bolthead--I aim to be as authentic and classy as possible. ;)
  18. jitterbugdoll

    Besame cosmetics

    It looks very nice on you, and that is certainly a color I could wear as well (the brighter, the better for me. :)) It would be neat if they came out with a Shocking Pink shade, like NARS did in tribute to Schiaparelli. I think that would be another fun color to wear when feeling really bold. :)
  19. jitterbugdoll

    Show Us Your Purchases!

    Pink is a favorite color of mine--I'd be happy to borrow that cute frock, Daisy. ;)
  20. jitterbugdoll

    The Third Man on TCM

    And there are so many versions of the theme song to choose from...

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