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  1. Puzzicato

    Saddle shoes

    Tragedy - I finally bought a pair of Rocket Originals. They arrived super fast, beautifully packaged and gorgeous quality. And I couldn't get my foot into them at all. My feet are so wide across the ball of the foot that even with the laces open as wide as I could I couldn't get them on. So I...
  2. Puzzicato

    How'd You Get Where You Are?

    It definitely sounds like the right decision. Wishing you good health and happiness with your family.
  3. Puzzicato

    Correct Punctuation

    Yes - in that context, you would always use a colon when signifying the start of a list.
  4. Puzzicato

    Oh, the Stigma of an Astigmatism. . .

    I'm very fond of my glasses. In fact, sometimes I wish they could go to parties without me, because they get much more attention than I do.
  5. Puzzicato

    How many products do you use?

    True. On the other hand, rates of vitamin D deficiency are soaring amongst Australian women! 1 in 3 now, I believe. We took the "slip slop slap" message a bit too much to heart, but it is difficult not to when everyone you know over the age of 40 has had skin cancers removed. For number of...
  6. Puzzicato

    Saddle shoes

    That's good to know! I have been looking at the Rocket Originals (4 years since I last posted in this thread and I still haven't got saddle shoes...) but being a size 39 wide I wasn't sure of the fit.
  7. Puzzicato

    Missing posters

    That's true! But my willpower is somewhat lacking.
  8. Puzzicato

    Missing posters

    I mostly stopped visiting because I was being inspired to spend too much money!
  9. Puzzicato

    We could use a chat room on this forum, what do ya say????

    I no longer use chat rooms, having had a couple of experiences where someone who on a main forum came across as nice and pleasant became blisteringly abusive in chat. And they weren't banned because the forum moderator said it happened in chat so it didn't matter. I would have agreed with you...
  10. Puzzicato

    The general decline in standards today

    Really? I am married, but it was certainly never a goal. For me a goal is something that you plan to achieve, work toward and then celebrate as an accomplishment. I don't feel that marriage is an accomplishment any more than any other relationship is. Go me! I'm a daughter!
  11. Puzzicato

    A question for the red heads...

    It sure is!
  12. Puzzicato

    French Cuisine

    I've been lucky enough to try both d'Yquem and Rieussec. The Rieussec does come second, but I wouldn't called it "distant". Maybe I never had one of the really sublime vintages of d'Yquem?
  13. Puzzicato

    Pancakes, Waffles, Crepes or French Toast...?

    Not a very interesting one... I did a day trip to Calais with a friend and at the big Carrefours supermarket (where we were stocking up with cheese and rillettes) they had fresh chilled ones. I took one home and fell in love!
  14. Puzzicato

    Show us your vintage-vintage inspired Engagement Ring!

    It is recommended that you get your white gold re-rhodiumed from time to time, but I've had my wedding ring 5 years and haven't had it done yet!
  15. Puzzicato

    A question for the red heads...

    I did know she had the accordion as one of her accomplishments! I am STILL trying to get the hair right though. My current shade was described by my beloved as "the colour of orangutan fur"
  16. Puzzicato

    The general decline in standards today

    I take these extracts from a "report" in one of yesterday's papers: This is the disgusting dungeon where an Austrian man violated his own daughters in a nightmare spanning 15,000 days and nights... Amid farming implements, old oil drums, wood, cement sacks and filth he violated his own flesh...
  17. Puzzicato

    The general decline in standards today

    I have seen it noted when a celebrity has a humanist funeral with a wicker coffin!
  18. Puzzicato

    The general decline in standards today

    I did look it up - how very interesting. Yes, the racial aggravation does tickle the tabloid fancies. In the UK it's any hint of an Indian or Pakistani man laying a finger on a white woman. It's all very To Kill A Mockingbird.
  19. Puzzicato

    Dialects/Accents in the Movies

    Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves! I haven't seen that one, I will have to check it out!
  20. Puzzicato

    The general decline in standards today

    I've noticed that sort of thing - a pretty young woman is much better media currency than a plain one. Unless of course the missing plain woman is a prostitute, then we all get to clutch our pearls and click our tongues. Even at work, we have been asked by newspapers for case-studies of...

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